No matter how big or small your fundraiser might be, its goal is written right in its name: to raise funds. You therefore probably don’t want to spend a lot of funds to get there, either! So the best approach is to keep things cheap and cheerful, and to hope for the best—right?

 Not quite. Take it from a valet company: valet parking is one expense you won’t want spared at your fundraising event. In fact, when you hire the right valet parking services, your event can actually make a bigger splash and bring in more profits than it would otherwise! Unparalleled Parking, a Twin Cities Valet Company, explains how below.

Set a Classy Vibe With Valet Parking

There’s nothing like a little bit of class to get someone spending or donating to a cause, and valet parking services will bring just this air to your event. Even if your shindig is rather relaxed and casual, if your car is parked for you by a sharply-dressed valet, you just know that it’ll be a drastically debonair time—with a whole lot of fun on the side, of course.

Set your charity event or fundraiser apart from the millions of others like it: embrace a hint of class with valet parking services.

Avoid Parking Snafus

If there’s one thing that denizens of the Twin Cities can agree on, it’s this: traffic can be a nightmare. With only so much space available in lots and street parking being both expensive and unsafe from multiple standpoints, chances are that if you let your guests park their own cars something, somewhere, will go wrong.

Make parking smooth and stress-free with valet parking services from Unparalleled Parking. You’ll have each and every guest coming back to a safe, warm car that accentuates the awesome time they just had—and that might make them consider additional donations.

Show You Care

Gratitude is a powerful marketing force, and when you use valet parking at your fundraiser, you’ll actively be crafting a brand image that builds on showing you care.

A Minneapolis & Saint Paul valet parking company is a great way to say, “thank you for coming to my event! At least let me handle the parking.” Visitors shown this type of appreciation will reciprocate in the form of higher donations, and as a bonus, they’ll also remember your brand more fondly down the line.

Unparalleled Parking: Top-Notch Fundraising Valet Event Services

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