Corporate Event Themes Set the Tone

Just like your company has a mission statement and core goals, it should also maintain a tone that falls in line with your values inside and outside the “office” space. Certain after-hour events should be tailored, professional, and highly structured while others are designed to promote the lively engagement between employees, partners, and future leads. The best corporate events inspire bonding and socializing to strengthen the company community, promote outreach, and hopefully stir up some publicity.


Corporate event themes are the easiest method to inspire the tone of your networking or team-building event. It’s up to you and an event coordinator to ensure the theme speaks for your company and produces results worth the investment.


9 Popular Corporate Event Themes

If you’re searching for inspiration to help structure and advertise your company event, try building off one of these nine corporate event themes:


1.      Masquerade - Elegant and luxurious, a masquerade sets the tone with a high level of anticipation. You can go all-out with royal services, long drapes, chandeliers, and ball gowns or opt for providing simple masks for casually-dressed guests.

2.      Saloon - Capture the essence of the Old West with a low-lit, classy bar atmosphere. Play country music or hire a live band to play in the background. Encourage line-dancing or simply set up barrel tables for business professionals to congregate around.

3.      Aviation - Fly high with an aviation theme. A private airplane hanger might be a unique venue, complete with the offer of short piloted plane rides.

4.      Dance Party - A simple dance party is a loose and carefree choice among corporate event themes. Invest in a rockin’ DJ or live band and audio system that fills a dance hall with music.

5.      Acrobatics - There’s a certain mystique about the graceful movements of acrobats suspended from above, dancing over the heads of your guests. They entertain and delight with unique gusto that’s perfect for a new product unveiling or company reveal.

6.      Fiesta - Chips and salsa, anyone? Some corporate event themes center on a dynamic culture that makes your company unique. For a Spanish theme, invest in a paella station or dancers as entertainment.

7.      Backyard Barbeque - Corporate event themes can be low-key and small-scale, too, depending on the size of your company and the goal of the event. Reserve a local park for a social cookout, and encourage everyone to bring a backyard or tabletop game to share.

8.      Nautical - A nautical theme is a great way to take advantage of a beautiful lakeside or yacht venue. It’s classy and ritzy for those your company might want to impress.

9.      Industrial - Every city has an avenue of historic buildings, many of which have an industrial past. Pipes, exposed bricks, and machinery have a gritty, unique character that can transport guests back in time. Perhaps your company even has access to a once-used building that can be incorporated into a speech about learning and growing from the past.


The Keys to Corporate Event Success

Corporate event themes are only one ingredient of a successful and memorable experience. Other important factors include delicious food, a top-notch venue, and sincere service. That service begins the moment guests arrive at your venue.


A few service factors to consider:

●        Will there be someone to greet guests?

●        Does your venue have adequate parking?

●        Is there a way to streamline the event entrance?


Unparalleled Parking: A Corporate Event Service

No matter which corporate event themes speak to you, start your guest service off right with an experienced valet service like Unparalleled Parking. Our experienced valets are trained to greet every person with an earnest smile and helping hand. Every driver has been thoroughly trained to park with efficiency, maximizing parking space at crowded venues. And we even offer cleaning and detailing services for cars that are in our care during an event.


For more information on how Unparalleled Parking can make your corporate event memorable, call us at (651) 300-1515.