The Nightmare of Parking in Downtown Minneapolis

Parking in downtown Minneapolis can be atrocious, especially during peak hours, holidays, and events. There are so many attractions, offices, and destinations within the downtown area that traffic becomes congested and finding a spot can be even worse. For this reason, a lot of downtown workers avoid downtown Minneapolis parking altogether by taking public transit in and out every day. Others pay hundreds of dollars for a parking pass.


But buses and parking passes aren’t always reliable. A few minutes late and you miss your ride. A few cars behind in the line to park in a restricted access lot and you still may not find a spot!


This can be troublesome for individuals but is even more of a problem for offices and businesses. An office with late workers is inefficient. And a hotel, restaurant, bar, club, etc. without parking loses revenue.


The Solution to Downtown Minneapolis Parking

Instead of stressing over lost time and money due to messy downtown parking, consider Unparalleled Parking as your professional Minneapolis valet service. Unparalleled Parking valets are experienced in driving through congested traffic, parking your vehicles in safety and security, and giving you exceptional personal care. Our dedication to our clients is the same, whether you are an individual looking to hire a chauffeur or a business trying to keep traffic flowing.


The Novelty of Professional Downtown Minneapolis Parking for Businesses

Most people never consider professional parking service as an option and therefore never experience how convenient and comfortable it can be in place of normal self-driving and parking. Businesses in downtown Minneapolis can take advantage of this parking novelty, presenting customers with an experience that is sure to delight. Our drivers will be the first to engage with your patrons, setting the tone to welcome them with a genuine smile to your establishment.


Parking Tips for Individuals When Visiting Downtown Minneapolis

If you’re new to the area or simply trying a new restaurant/hotel in downtown, follow these tips to make the experience less stressful:

●        Research - Before you drive, bus, or utilize a chauffeur service to visit downtown, research your options online. Map out where you want to go and if there are parking ramps nearby. Also, review the cost. Just because parking is available doesn’t mean it’s cheap, and that price may change between weekdays and weekends or during events.

●        Don’t Assume - Parking in a downtown Minneapolis ramp has to be cheaper than utilizing a professional parking service, right? Wrong! Ramps may charge you more, especially for a longer stay.

●        Consider the Perks - Professional Minneapolis downtown parking isn’t always the first option in mind, but it does have the most benefits. Where a downtown parking ramp typically isn’t monitored, trusting your car with a professional service like Unparalleled Parking offers a level of security for your vehicle. They’re also more reliable than a bus service. And you can even invest in car detailing while you’re away.


Are you ready to enjoy the benefits of downtown Minneapolis parking services by a professional valet company? Call Unparalleled Parking at (651) 300-1515 to discuss your business or individual parking options.