You know what they say: don’t believe everything you hear from the rumor mill. Consciously, of course, we know this, but certain rumors can become so pervasive that they transform our preconceptions about something. In other words, rumors can turn into stereotypes.


The valet parking service industry is fraught with these stereotypes! Potential customers, for example, can think that hiring a valet company means their event or business must give off a certain vibe, or that valet services are inherently unsafe. Of course, these could not be further from the truth; how else would valet companies and other transportation services have stayed in business? Unparalleled Parking, a Twin Cities valet company, debunks some common stereotypes about hiring valet services below.

Misconception: Valet Companies Will Steal Valuables.

Let us be frank: No. Valet companies want returning customers; they need the business and desire to make money. Why on Earth would any sensible valet company keep employees who steal? Many drivers who go into the valet industry, in fact, undergo a thorough screening and background check to ensure their credibility.

Misconception: Valet Companies Only Take Cash

Hardly anyone carries cash on them anymore. If valet companies didn’t adjust to this, the industry would rapidly become obsolete! While historically valet services did take cash payments, today cash is generally used to tip (which is always appreciated, but not necessary). However, do be careful about whom you hire, as some companies still only take specific forms of payment. If you’re unsure, you have a right to ask before making any sort of agreement.

Misconception: Valet Services Won’t Work with Dirty Cars

Because of the fancy vibe that hiring a valet parking service can give off, many potential customers worry about the cleanliness of their vehicles. Will drivers, they wonder, reject them if their car isn’t spotless? The answer to that one is pretty much never. While it’s a good idea in general to maintain a clean car for your health, valet drivers are human, too. They understand that life can get hectic and that it’s unreasonable to expect perfect levels of cleanliness at all times. As long as nothing’s moldy, you should be good!

Still Confused About the Valet Industry? Unparalleled Parking Can Help

It’s difficult to discern if what you’ve heard about any industry is true until you talk with a professional. We at Unparalleled Parking live and breathe valet; we’ve got the truth behind any rumors you may have heard. To find out more about our valet and limo services or to reserve a date, call us at 651-300-1515. You can also send a message to