Valet parking is a service offered by business establishments in the Twin Cities area. This is in contrast to self-parking where customers have to look for parking by themselves. Valet parking means that a valet does the searching for them as they enter the premises to enjoy the services offered. The valet service is offered free to customers. It is a great way to entice customers to visit your business.


Why it is Important.

A Minneapolis valet parking service is especially useful in the Twin Cities because parking can be so scarce. The valet service can be an added convenience for your customers, who will have more time to spend in your establishment. In some instances, that would mean that they spend more money.


If you are holding a large event such as a wedding, a professional valet will prove quite useful. The wedding valet will ensure that guests, who are not familiar with the Twin Cities area, are able to enjoy the event without wasting time trying to find parking.


The Benefits Unparalleled Parking.

Under the philosophy of Unparalleled parking, there are some guiding values that have made them a must have valet parking company. Here are some of the benefits you may enjoy if you use this company.

1.      Security
When customers trust you with their car, you want to ensure that they don't experience any security incidents. Our professional valet attendants are trained on how to handle a vehicle securely. Thus, you or your customers do not have to worry about any ugly incidents because of using our event valet attendants.

2.      It Adds Some Class to Your Business
Besides convenience and security, an event valet service adds class to your business. When you hire our Minneapolis Valet parking service, those that visit your business or event will feel appreciated. They will be sure to talk about the professionalism they received from our Twin Cities valet service.

3.      It Reduces Stress
If you own a business, you want to ensure that customers do not experience any stress trying to access your services. Our wedding valet service ensures that you do not have to worry about that. Hire our Twin Cities valet parking service today to ensure you have happy customers or guest at all times.


Some Basic Things to Remember

One of the things you must remind customers when you hire a valet parking company is; must not lose the claim ticket. As part of the security measures, parking attendants will need to see the ticket in order to give it back to its rightful owners. Also, it is recommended that anything of value be removed from the vehicle.


So remember, the next time you are in the city and want to skip the parking process, pull right up to your favorite restaurant and if they have valet, give them a try. Your experience of visiting the city will be much more enjoyable! To learn more about Unparalleled Parking’s valet services visit us online or give us a call at 651-300-1515.