The Purpose of a Parking System

Parking is a headache, no matter how many years of experience you have doing it. From finding a space to maneuvering through narrow lanes and watching for pedestrians, it’s the biggest chore you’ll ever face when driving. It’s a chore made even worse during holidays, weekends, or special events at certain shopping centers and venues.


What if there was a parking system to make the chore of parking a little bit less frustrating? There is! In fact, there are several types of parking systems, from automated parking technology to a professional driver. Each of them increase parking efficiency by decreasing the time it takes to find a space and park. Some of them even organize the parking area to improve traffic flow and vehicle access.


Learn more below.


Automated Parking System

An automated parking system (APS) is one of the most advanced and environmentally friendly parking mechanics in existence. It has the potential to immensely cut down the manpower necessary to manage a garage, the space needed to park cars, and the gas and time for the driver.


An APS requires a driver to park a car on a platform which is then relocated within the parking structure that fits cars side by side and bumper to bumper on several stacked levels, more than doubling the capacity of a traditional garage. This use of horizontal and vertical area makes the most of limited urban space without disrupting city traffic or landscape. It can be hidden beneath the ground or in the basement levels of buildings.


Like a traditional garage, drivers can purchase passes and program their specific vehicle size requirements or expected arrival and departure times. Every driver gets a customized experience in this way. Not to mention that the vehicles are stored securely and safely from any potential damage or theft. Retrieving a car can take as little as two minutes. How’s that for efficiency?


Valet Parking System

A valet parking system is not entirely different from the concept of an automated parking system. It simply replaces the automation with manpower. Experienced valet drivers take the keys and the normal parking frustration falls away. Their years of experience enable them to park cars closer together in parking garages or lots, thus increasing the capacity of any venue or event space.


Because vehicles are parked together and watched over by the valet attendants, there’s a vast increase in vehicle security. No scratches, dings, or dents to worry about. And with the reduction in both accidents and theft, every driver can have peace of mind.


A valet parking system goes beyond the convenience of an automated system because of the human element. Every guest is greeted with a smile and given sincere one-on-one interaction. Valet drivers know the best places to find entertainment, food, sleeping accommodations, and party spots. They can give you tips on getting the most out of whichever event you are attending and help direct you to where you want to go.


Valet drivers also deliver your vehicle directly to you, curbside. An automated parking system does not do that and typically requires some walking to get to the car retrieval platform, as it will be directly above or within the parking structure. An automated parking system can also encounter technical errors that don’t exist within a professional valet service.


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