The best cars of 2016 have been compiled! The list below showcases the top five cars based on consumer reviews, professional safety and efficiency ratings, and more. Each one has a unique flare or specific detail that sets it apart from the rest, but all of them are superb choices if you find yourself looking for a new vehicle in 2017. In fact, as the year moves forward, you’ll probably find a few of these best cars of 2016 on sale. Recognize them ahead of time to get a steal of a deal!


The Top 5 Best Cars of 2016

For more room, better protection of your family, a flashy new shape, the best stereo system, or many other benefits, these five best cars of 2016 demonstrate the height of luxury in a personal commuter vehicle.


1.      Subaru Impreza - Priced around $22,000, the Impreza has the immediate benefit of affordability. For a compact car, it’s extremely comfortable and spacious. It has superior crash test results from a suite of safety features and all-wheel drive traction.

2.      Toyota Camry - Between $24,000 and $32,000, this mid-size machine doesn’t impress with price. However, it has top notch visibility, gets up to 38 mpg, and runs both smoothly and quietly. Without a doubt, this reliable ride keeps you in the lap of luxury.

3.      Subaru Forester - For a small SUV, the gas mileage ranks almost as well as a compact car (around 26 mpg). The sight lines, forward collision warning, and automatic braking available make this a top contender in safety as well. As far as comfort and space, it doesn’t disappoint.

4.      Lexus RS - If you’re looking for an edgy design, sleek interior finish, and effortless ride, be ready to hand over $50,000 for this top-ranked luxury SUV. The crisp handling and braking inspire a sporty vibe, while the 29 mpg delivers practicality.

5.      Ford F-150 - What this beastly truck lacks in gas mileage (16mpg), it makes up for in functionality. The aluminum body is elegant but built tough enough to handle heavy loads. A quiet ride and positive crash test results don’t hurt, either.


Having a difficult time deciding which of these best cars of 2016 is right for you? Rank your priorities and match them to the great features described above.


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