An Environmentally Friendly Car for the New Year

A new year often means a new you: new home, new job, new city, or new car. You’re ready to make changes. Out with the old, and in with the new! But change can also be intimidating. For instance, when considering an investment in a new car, you want one that will be worth your hard-earned money. Your wish list might also include good gas mileage, safety ratings, or a sun roof.


One other consideration you should keep in mind when shopping is the idea of an environmentally friendly car. Don’t shy away from an environmentally friendly car because you want the wish list items above. More and more car companies strive to manufacture an environmentally friendly car that has all of the accessories, details, and stats you could want. Whether you opt for solar-power, biofuel, or a hybrid vehicle, you’ll be doing your part to help the environment!


4 Perks Specific to an Environmentally Friendly Car

In addition to those wish list and must-have items in your new automobile, purchasing an environmentally friendly car can give you these four exclusive perks!


1.      Using Less Gas - Hybrid cars use far less gas than a typical car, and solar or biofuel cars use no gas at all. That means more money in your pocket and fewer carbon emissions that harm the environment.

2.      Fewer Problems and Less Maintenance - It makes logical sense that since an environmentally friendly car reduces chemical use, it also has fewer chemical-related issues. But it also requires much less maintenance in general because this type of car is enhanced to produce less waste products overall.

3.      Tax Credit - Yes, it’s true! That time of year for filing your taxes is coming back around. If you purchase an environmentally friendly car, you can apply for a tax break of up to $3000. That’s money you could use to go on a trip cross-country or vacation across the world.

4.      Making a Statement - Last but not least, driving an environmentally friendly car tells those around you that you’re serious about helping the planet. It may inspire others to join the cause, and together we can make a huge difference!


Other Ways to Help the Environment

Investing in an environmentally friendly car might be your first step to a more eco-friendly lifestyle. You’ve heard about conserving electricity and water, recycling, and initiatives to walk or take public transit. But there are two other big ways to go green specifically in your commute!


When able, carpool to work or social events with someone you know. Sharing a ride means paying for less gas, having company, and riding in a faster carpool lane. What’s not to love?


Another method of going green aside from an environmentally friendly car is by utilizing a valet service. This is because a valet service promotes faster and more efficient parking, cutting down on the time a car is driven looking for a space or idling as you wait your turn in a garage. The less time a car engine runs, the less fuel it burns and the fewer by-products given off.


Unparalleled Parking: An Environmentally Friendly Valet

If you’re aiming to expand the services your business offers or if you’re seeking a parking service for a private event and want to be environmentally friendly, consider Unparalleled Parking. Our drivers are fast, efficient, and always raising the bar on customer service. We customize everything from our wardrobe and greeting to how we operate during an event so that we meet and surpass your needs.


For quotes and more information on how we can serve your patrons or guests, call Unparalleled Parking at (651) 300-1515.