Parking downtown Minneapolis or St. Paul is often an issue. Many drivers fear their cars getting hit or stolen once they walk away. Businesses suffer from a lack of adequate parking, and no one likes leaving their auto on the street. The solution is hiring a valet parking service.

Professional valet companies like Unparalleled Parking can ensure that your car is secure and well taken care of while you are enjoying your evening. To schedule valet service, contact us today. We can show you how having a valet company will help your business or upcoming event.

Vehicle Security Through Designated Parking

Once we help you establish where we will park the cars, we can create designated parking areas for your guests. Designated parking is much like reserved parking in that it creates space only for your guests or clients.

We can control the traffic that comes in or out of the area by merely directing guests to our valet drop-off or pick-up area. Limited access to parking means that the parking area is secure.

Avoid Collisions in the Parking Lot

No one can park your car better than a professional. Even the most skilled drivers do not have the training necessary to get cars in and out of tight spots. We train all our drivers to park cars in various scenarios to prepare them for any situation. When professionals are parking cars, there’s less chaotic traffic, and there’s very little chance that a collision will happen. 

Parking Management Services

In addition to valet services, we also offer parking management for businesses that have their parking lots. Parking management keeps traffic flowing smoothly, increases security, and improves the perception of your business as a high-end establishment. Unparalleled Parking can set up a parking system for your lot and manage it throughout the day or night. We’ll take care of every car in the lot and give your guests peace of mind. 

On-Site Parking Security Concerns

What happens to your guests’ vehicles once we park them? This is something you should think about as you host your event. Here are some questions you may need to answer:

●        Is the event in a safe area of town?

●        Is there a perimeter around the parking area?

●        Is the parking area conducive to parking?

●        Will there be a need for a security guard team in addition to valet parking service?

●        Is the valet area vulnerable to ‘drive-by’ muggings or theft? 

Additional Security Considerations

In addition to standard safety and security concerns, we also go over some other items that you may want to think about. For instance:

●        Is the parking area well-lit? Can the drivers see well enough to park the cars?

●        Are there security cameras set up to protect both drivers and guests?

●        What is the system for validating vehicle ownership upon exiting the event?

●        What about those with specific needs or disabilities?

●        Are the private event valet company staff safe while doing their job?

Tips for Keeping Vehicles More Secure

Whether you are hosting or attending, there are several steps to ensure any vehicles involved stay safer! Our expert tips include: 

Check The Valet’s Closing Time and Make Sure You Have Everything You Need

Some events may last longer than expected or go late into the evening. For this reason, Unparalleled Parking will establish a closing time for retrieving your car. The closing time is often set by the host and agreed upon by our company. 

We provide a sign in the valet area that clearly announces when that time is. We also suggest double-checking when closing is. For this reason, make sure you take everything with you that you’re going to need, including an extra set of keys in case you leave later than planned.

Keep Your Claim Ticket with You at all Times

When you arrive at your destination, a friendly Unparallel Parking valet attendant will greet you, open your door and hand you a claims ticket. That claim ticket is the only proof you may have that your vehicle belongs to you. It becomes even more difficult to find and validate ownership of a vehicle during an event that hosts hundreds of people. 

Your best bet is to keep your claim ticket with you at all times. Slide it in your wallet or purse or place it in the bottom of a deep jacket or pants pocket.

Arrive Slowly and Cautiously

As you pull into the lot, you may have a line of cars in front of you or vehicles that pass you as they are exiting. For this reason, we advise that you use extreme caution when pulling up. If you are arriving in the evening, then please turn off your high-beam lights.

This allows anyone in front of you, pedestrians, other drivers, and valet attendants, to see the area around them without being blinded by the lights. By slowing down and practicing care, you can avoid a fender bender. 

Dependable Valet Services in the Twin Cities Metro Area

Unparalleled Parking offers complete valet parking services for hotels, restaurants, corporations, and private events in Minneapolis and St. Paul, Minnesota. No matter how small or large your operation is, we can fine-tune your guest’s parking experience to make any event more memorable. 

To find out more about what we offer or to reserve your date, contact us at 651-300-1515, or you can message us at