If you are looking to host an event, such as a wedding, charity auction, or work function, you may be considering a destination in downtown Minneapolis. Downtown has many amazing venues and is centrally located.

However, the downside to hosting an event downtown is that your guests have to worry about parking. Fortunately, there is an alternative; hiring a valet service, and here are just a few of the benefits! 

Your Guests Don't Have to Find Parking Downtown

Trying to park downtown can be challenging. This is especially true if your event starts before work lets out downtown, such as 4 or 5 on a weekday. Many people work downtown, and extra parking is limited during this time. And even if your event is on a weekend, parking in certain areas can still be challenging. When you hire a valet, your guests do not have to find parking.

Your Guests Do Not Incur Pricey Parking Fees

Another benefit of hiring a valet service is that guests do not have to pay pricey parking fees. Parking in a downtown garage can get pricey fast. Garages charge up to $10 for one to two hours of parking time, and this price can increase if there are multiple events in town and parking is expected to be limited. 


For example, prices soared to over $50 for a New Year's Eve parking spot. This can get expensive fast, so it’s clear to see how valet service can spare your guests from this added expense.

There is No Worry About Parking Garages Hours or Parking Meter Timelines

Not all parking garages in the Minneapolis area are 24 hours. Many close eateries in the area close early. Also, some guests may opt to park at a parking meter instead.

But many in the downtown area have a two-hour limit, meaning your guests will have to pay close attention to their watches so they know when it is time to move their car. If you want your guests to focus on your event and not the clock, hiring a valet service is wise.

You Avoid Safety Concerns

The last benefit of hiring a valet service is that you don't have to worry about safety concerns. Your guests pull their car right up to the event location. When the event is over, their car is returned to them right there. No one has to leave the event or walk to their car alone at night. This helps keep your guests safe when arriving at and leaving your event.

Saves Time

A good parking spot is essential to your guests, especially if you are having a huge event. Most of your guests will take a considerable amount of time trying to locate a perfect parking spot, which is easily accessible even in the middle of the event.

In the case of improper parking, visitors will take a lot of time trying to find an ideal parking spot. As a result, they may end up being late for your event.

How to Prepare for Valet Parking

Creating an unforgettable event with valet parking also means preparing as much as possible, and a few of our expert tips are: 

Provide Tickets for Parking

When hosting a large event with many guests, keeping up with which car belongs to which owner can be challenging. Unparalleled Parking solves this dilemma by providing claim tickets for each driver.

When a driver hands us a ticket, we can easily locate the vehicle and drive it around for pickup. You can even set up VIP parking or designated parking using color-coded tickets. We can customize your tickets exactly the way you want them. 

Prepare for Inclement Weather

You never know when bad weather will strike. Therefore, what is your strategy for parking if it starts to rain or, worse, storm? Do you have a tent ready to protect guests as they get in and out of their cars? Is there a pavilion, a porch, or an overhang that can keep them dry? Developing a Plan B for weather will solve a multitude of potential problems. 

Is There Enough Room for the Guestlist?

When it comes to ensuring that there is enough space for event parking, we recommend considering three factors: 

Space Per Vehicle

Providing plenty of parking space per vehicle allows us to get in and out of cars more quickly without the threat of slamming doors into the car next to us.

Total Parking Area

Do you have enough space for all your guests? We recommend you send out the guestlist and then designate 30% extra space just in case.

Parking Lanes

Is there enough room for two vehicles to pass each other in the lane? The ability to easily drive through a parking lane will help us to operate more efficiently, thus, serving your guests more effectively.

Choose Unparalleled Parking for Your Upcoming Event

Add a touch of class to your next event by hiring Unparalleled Parking to handle all valet. We provide first-class valet service for home and business owners in St. Paul and Minneapolis, Minnesota, and the surrounding Twin Cities area. Call us today at 651-300-1515 and make your reservation!