Many scenarios make it evident that valet parking is a better option than a parking garage. An evening out could turn into a disaster for your guests because of a long line waiting to park, an accident in the garage itself… you name it! Given that your customers’ experience tells them everything about your business and the level of service you are willing to provide, you’d be smart to hire a valet parking service to make matters seamless. Below, we discuss exactly why.

Valet Parking Creates a Great Customer Experience

Starting your patrons’ experience off the right way ensures the entire experience will be favorable from start to finish. When customers can exit their vehicles and enter your facility in only a few steps, they don’t have to brave the weather or wait in line to hunt for a parking space. Our Minneapolis valet services will seem like a luxury for your guests and offer them a hassle-free evening.

Make Negative Scenarios Positive

Parking garages present a wide range of dilemmas that can frustrate your guests or put them in harm’s way. Customers are vulnerable to theft and traffic incidents. They are also susceptible to weather conditions such as rain, snow, or hail. Valet service solves issues beyond your control by giving your patrons direct access to your facility. It’s an added feature to your business that makes everyone feel more secure the moment they step out of the car.

Make Your Business Stand Out

Satisfying your customers is the best thing for business. Making them feel important makes them think of your establishment as important. A happy patron telling others about their experience is what makes companies flourish. Valet service will set you apart as unique and will give you an enormous advantage over your competitors.

Cut Down on Crime In the Area

In 2020, according to the FBI, 7% of all violent crimes occurred in a parking garage or lot. That may not sound like much, but that amounts to 45,107 separate incidents, making parking garages the third most likely spot that year for violent crimes to occur, behind highways, streets, alleys and sidewalks put together and then the victim’s own home, respectively.

What does this mean for you? Well, it means that parking garages aren’t the safest places for your guests to be wandering. Though you may take precautions to make sure the area caters to their wellbeing, numbers don’t lie. Honestly, though, who’s surprised? Parking garages are dark, isolated places with plenty of cover where plenty of valuable vehicles are stored. It’s no wonder it’s a criminal hotspot.

When you hire a valet company, though, you completely circumnavigate this issue and shield your guests from the inherent dangers of such an establishment. Parking garages may save space, but they sure don’t save potential customers from crime. Invest in a valet service, though, and you’re investing in a valuable safety asset.

Add an Air of Luxury to Your Establishment

Face it: parking garages don’t exactly create a posh image. They feel soulless, and unless you commission a mural on the outside, they don’t exactly offer much in the way of cosmetic appeal. When you’re running a business in the Twin Cities area, you need every edge you can get—you need to convey to your customers that you’re a notch above the rest, that you can provide them with the sort of luxurious experience they’re looking for.

Previously on our valet parking services blog, we’ve detailed exactly how valet parking services create this sort of experience. The short version: they make customers feel special and provide the instant kind of service that’s so sought after these days.

Minneapolis’ Unparalleled Parking Valet Services Stand Out

Unparalleled Parking can enhance your company’s image by providing high-end valet parking in the Twin Cities metro area. We offer custom valet services for all types of businesses and events happening in the area. We can provide valet parking that is suited to your specific needs.

Make your business exceptional from start to finish by utilizing valet services from Unparalleled Parking! Call us today at 651-300-1515 to schedule service.