Many of the most successful businesses in Minneapolis and St. Paul establish their reputations on superb customer service that thinks of everything - including where their guests will first step out of the car. If you’re one of those businesses that have a great product and excellent service but poor parking, there’s a good chance your doors may not be open for very long.

It may not be your fault. Maybe your location is great for pedestrians but not so great for parking. If so, Unparalleled Parking is your answer. We provide flexible valet services for businesses that have limited parking.

Below, discover just how poor parking potential can harm your business, and just what we can do to turn the tides in your favor.

No Customer Flow, No Revenue Flow

A trademark of restaurants and cafes that stay in business is that they know how to manage and facilitate the flow of customers. Where does a successful flow begin? It starts with efficient valet service.

If your guests can’t find a parking spot, they’ll go somewhere else. What valet service does is open the flow of traffic right to your door so that you can serve a steady stream of guests instead of two to three every 30 minutes. When your customers are ready to leave, we retrieve their car, and they’re on their way.

A Lack of Parking Makes Your Business Like All Others

If you find that parking is an issue where your business is located, you’re not alone. Dozens of businesses in Minneapolis and Saint Paul suffered and continue to suffer from the same problem.

The difference, however, is that you were smart enough to figure out that valet service would solve your dilemma. By including it as a part of a service to your guests, you’ve already distinguished yourself as a premier establishment. Not providing adequate parking for your guests means that your business looks and feels like every other business out there.

Cluttered Parking Can Confuse Drivers

You love your guests! Except they don’t always park in the most efficient or correct manner. That’s why a valet company is valuable to your operation.

Our valet service can assess your parking lot and determine how to serve your customers best when they pull up. We can help create a more efficient parking flow. We can also consult you on how to make your property safe and secure so that people will trust our service.

Unorganized Parking in Tiny Lots Leads to Accidents

According to the National Safety Council, “Tens of thousands of crashes occur in parking lots and garage structures annually, resulting in hundreds of deaths and thousands of injuries.” The organization cites distractions and a lack of alertness as potential causes of these crashes—and what’s more distracting than trying to park in a chaotic, tiny, and unfamiliar Minneapolis or Saint Paul lot?

When your customers need to compete for parking, at the very best the “losers” will drive away to find someplace else to do business—at the worst, though, the situation can become dog-eat-dog. Common-sense road rules and safety procedures go out the window as people cut across lots, forget their blinkers, and just generally drive way too aggressively simply for the sake of a space.

Cut the Crashes With Valet Parking Services

Crashes and danger aren’t things you want your clients associating with your establishment, so let a valet company eliminate this risk altogether. With skilled drivers and a standardized method of parking, your lots will go from terribly risky to tame practically overnight, no matter how big or small they are. No more stressing about what’s going on in your lot on a bus Saturday night; Unparalleled Parking has you covered.

Valet Parking Services Can “Expand” Your Lots

Valet companies provide such a space-expanding role for your business that we’ve actually written an entire blog on the topic—so check it out for the extended version. Long story short, though, by practicing perfect parking each and every time, we make sure that each inch of space in your lot is used to its full potential. No more sloppy two-spot parking jobs!

By increasing customer flow like we mentioned earlier, we expand your lot in a less direct manner, too. When customers can quickly enter and exit your establishment, they’ll spend less time clogging up your lot looking for a space, leading to swifter stays and therefore more room in the lot.

Unparalleled Parking: Your Minneapolis Valet Services of Choice

If you’re struggling with parking issues at your otherwise fabulous establishment, let Unparalleled Parking provide your valet parking service for you. We specialize in Minneapolis and Saint Paul valet services for all types of events: private and public, large and small. Tell us the date, what you need, and how many guests you expect, and we’ll take care of the rest.

For more information or to set an event date, contact us at 651-300-1515, or you can message us at Our service extends to businesses and organizations in Minneapolis and St. Paul, Minnesota.