Are you looking for a way to take your customer service to the next level? We recommend hiring Unparalleled Parking to provide valet parking for your guests or clients. Valet Parking leaves a lasting impression and demonstrates that you take your company-client relationships seriously. We provide some clear benefits of offering valet service below.


Make a First Impression

Companies that get the best reviews from customers are the ones who go above and beyond to provide that added touch to their service - not the ones who do what is expected. If you provide a parking lot, they will come. If you offer a valet service, they will return time and again. We can help you deliver a valet service for your event or your facility that your guests will appreciate! We can tailor to suit your specific needs.


A Smart, Efficient Solution

The most effective method for getting clients in and out of your business is a valet service. They will appreciate stepping from the car through the door in only a few steps. Improved efficiency in customer traffic, both inside your building and out in the parking lot, can put more customers in your business and increase your revenue. Our valet service speeds up the parking process and ensures that every car has a parking space without customers driving all over the parking lot to find one.


Portable Parking Equipment Gives You Flexibility

Unparalleled Parking can customize both the functionality and the parking scheme of our valet service on your facility. We can position the podium according to your exact specifications. We can set up the parking spaces to accommodate your entire guest list. Our valet podiums can hold over 50 keys in one setting, and we can provide the equipment you need for the parking area.


Courtesy Goes a Long Way

Valet parking doesn’t happen everywhere. Most people only experience the thrill of it no more than once or twice a year. Offering this service will separate your hospitality company from the pack. Since valet service is considered a courtesy, you will gain loyalty from your client-base by providing it. Valet is always a pleasant surprise to those that benefit from it most: your customers. Test it on a day when you have the most traffic coming through the doors of your business. You’ll instantly notice a difference. So will your customers.

Manage Your Parking Lot

If your company provides a sizable parking facility for your guests, you are more likely to manage where everyone parks by hiring our valet service. We can sit down with you to establish VIP, primary and secondary parking areas as well as help you determine the flow of traffic in your setting. You’ll only understand the value of a professional valet parking service when you observe firsthand how it benefits your hospitality company.

Unparalleled Parking Provides Premier Valet Parking Service

Once you hire a valet parking for your next event, you’ll never go back. Unparalleled Parking provides premier parking service for all businesses and private events around Minneapolis and St. Paul, Minnesota. Our service caters to all events large and small. To schedule a date for your event, call us at 651-300-1515. We are East Central Minnesota’s #1 parking service.