Valet parking services are often seen as posh, and indeed, they do add a ritzy air to any event! When a sharply dressed valet company driver shows up to take your keys, it’s hard not to think you’re in for a time to remember.

The element of class, however, may lead some business owners to think valet is too expensive. They assume such high-class service must be pricey.

While it is an expense to hire any valet company, it’s definitely a manageable one. In fact, with all the money your company will make back, valet services can even boost your business!

Take it from Unparalleled Parking, your Twin Cities valet company of choice – or read more about it below!

Dazzled Customers Are Returning Customers

Face it: Parking in the Minneapolis area is a drag.

With space becoming more and more of an issue as businesses jostle for real estate, customers are left scrambling to find a place to put their cars in what’s often a cold or rainy street. You know how the weather in Minnesota gets!

While a business might be able to rope in a considerable amount of customers if its service is good enough, one way to seriously wow a crowd is with valet parking services. That high-class air they lend your business is certain to keep paying customers coming back. Who doesn’t want a touch of luxury on their night out or during their hotel stay?

Good Reputations Mean Good Profits

When you knock the socks off of your customers, they’re much more likely to tell their friends – or even strangers online – about how amazing your service is.

Think about it: How often, after going out to a mediocre dinner, have you felt motivated to leave a three-star review about how painfully average it was? How likely were you to tell your friends?

Make your business memorable with valet parking services, and not only will you keep current customers, you’ll also draw in new ones with the power of word of mouth.

Control Traffic to Control Customer Flow

If potential clients are left wandering the streets to find a parking space, that’s extra time where your business could be making money serving them – and if you’re in a fast-paced industry like food service, even minutes mean lost profits.

Keep the clients flowing with valet parking services, and you can be sure you’re helping clients as efficiently as you can, which in turn maximizes the money made!

Unparalleled Parking: Your Valet Company of Choice

Whether it’s hotel valet parking services or a one-time private event service, we meet each job with the same personable service and lightning-fast parking we’re known for across the metro. Give our Minneapolis office a call today at 651-300-1515.