Valet parking services are often seen as posh, and indeed, they do add a ritzy air to any event! When a sharply dressed valet company driver shows up to take your keys, it's hard not to think you're in for a time to remember. 

The element of class, however, may lead some business owners to think valet is too expensive. They assume such high-class service must be pricey.

While it is an expense to hire any valet company, it's definitely a manageable one. In fact, with all the money your company will make back, valet services can even boost your business

Take it from Unparalleled Parking, your Twin Cities valet company of choice – or read more about it below!

Dazzled Customers Are Returning Customers

Face it: Parking in the Minneapolis area is a drag. 

With space becoming more and more of an issue as businesses jostle for real estate, customers are left scrambling to find a place to put their cars in what's often a cold or rainy street. You know how the weather in Minnesota gets!

While a business might be able to rope in a considerable number of customers if its service is good enough, one way to wow a crowd seriously is with valet parking services. That high-class air they lend your business is sure to keep paying customers coming back. Who doesn't want a touch of luxury on their night out or during their hotel stay?

Good Reputations Mean Good Profits

When you knock the socks off of your customers, they're much more likely to tell their friends – or even strangers online – about how amazing your service is. 

Think about it: How often, after going out to a mediocre dinner, have you felt motivated to leave a three-star review about how painfully average it was? How likely were you to tell your friends?

Make your business memorable with valet parking services, and not only will you keep current customers, but you'll also draw in new ones with the power of word of mouth.

Control Traffic to Control Customer Flow

If potential clients are left wandering the streets to find a parking space, that's extra time where your business could be making money serving them – and if you're in a fast-paced industry like food service, even minutes mean lost profits. 

The fact is that when you don't have enough parking, customers will remember this and choose not to return to your establishment. The valet ensures traffic gets right to the door, so guests get faster service when coming and going.

Keep the clients flowing with valet parking services, and you can be sure you're helping clients as efficiently as possible, maximizing the money made!

Removes the Risk of Accidents

On top of this, if your parking lot is cluttered, this increases the likelihood of accidents because your clients will become more anxious to find a place to park, which can lead to common errors like forgetting to turn on their blinkers or cutting across the parking lot. 

Valet service removes this risk because it keeps your parking lot organized and takes the stress off your clients from needing to find a parking space.

Let's Your Staff Relax & Provide VIP Services for Your Guests

Having a designated valet also ensures your staff is more at ease because they don't have to worry about parking concerns from your customers and creates a feeling of being a VIP and a five-star experience that will hope you stand out from your competitors.

Who Can Benefit From Valet?

The transaction is subtle, but someone planning the Academy Awards gala decided to partner with a valet service. Why? Because a well-dressed valet managing the parking responsibilities for guests creates a high-end experience. Working with service increases value, repeat business, and revenue and works for any event scenario.  

Event Planners

Special events require every aspect of the experience to be just right, and parking the car is one of the guests' first impressions. Driving through a crowded parking lot or grassy area flooded with vehicles and then needing to walk an uncomfortable distance detracts from an event. 

Picture a woman in high heels walking 50 yards across a wet lawn instead of having a wedding valet. Extraordinary events are all about creating an extraordinary experience.

Pulling up to someone in a tuxedo or uniformed attire that opens your door and handles valet parking is a great first impression. The best thing about working with a valet service for an event planning outfit is that the cost can be factored directly into your packages. In fact, your company can include a modest profit for bringing the service to the table. 

Once you establish a working relationship with a reputable valet service, it can entail a phone call with location and a head count. 


It's common for city eateries to have valet service to offset the difficulties in finding a parking spot. The move also adds a tremendous convenience for patrons. Some business owners choose to hire their own staff and manage their duties. Frankly, the time spent scheduling and the potential liability and insurance costs generally outweigh the benefits of doing it yourself.

By outsourcing valet services to an established company, you take a headache off your plate and put the duties into the hands of a professional valet. A valet adds to your restaurant's ambiance and has real value. It's also important to remember that every restaurant benefits from working with a valet partner, not just city-based ones. 

Your guests' first impression and not having to remember where they parked afterward translates into a great experience and, thus, repeat customers. You can also roll the valet costs into the dining experience. It's a win-win.


The frontline people of a good hotel are the bellhops and valets. Again, that's every guest's initial experience and one that sets the tone for their stay. A congested luggage drop-off area can raise the ire of road-weary travelers. 

But by hiring an outfit that manages the parking and meshes with your hotel staff, the experience can be first-rate. Contracting with an insured service removes liability, payroll expenses, and workers' compensation concerns. 

It's also something you won't need to manage. The total cost can be rolled right into the price of the suite. The service can also be offered during peak seasons, days of the week, or hours. 

Private Events

Event organizing is a significantly complex process where entertainment, refreshments, and overall guest comfort always take precedence. Nonetheless, all the factors above would fail to offer the desired results if the guests have no place to park their vehicles.

Valet services allow guests to get into the festive mood without the inconvenience of finding where to park. Additionally, their vehicles are retrieved at their request.

Convention Events

Convention events attract some out-of-town visitors with limited area knowledge and may have difficulty finding parking. Many times, these visitors want to arrive at their convention and dive right in rather than spend time searching for parking in what is likely a very busy and congested area. 

With a professional valet service like Unparalleled Parking, you will have a smooth arrival ready for your out-of-town guests. Your guests will not have to worry about finding their way to the conference building after they have parked, and they will also be able to find their car right away by bringing it to them.

Unparalleled Parking: Twin Cities Valet Company of Choice

Whether it's hotel valet parking services or a one-time private event service, we meet each job with the same personable service and lightning-fast parking we're known for across the metro. 

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