Valet service is not about parking as much as it is about making people feel special. This philosophy has served us well as our company grows. At Unparalleled Parking, it is our mission to make sure that every aspect of our valet service meets your needs to your exact specifications on the day of your event. Below are five ways we accomplish this mission. 

We Can Accommodate The Size of Your Event

Whether we're parking 30 cars or 300 cars, we have the manpower and the equipment necessary to keep the traffic flowing regardless of the size of your event. We handle large-scale projects every day, and we can handle anything. Just tell us how many cars you are expecting, and we'll take care of the rest!

We Can Dress For the Occasion

Not every event is a black-tie affair. Therefore, tell us how you want us to look, and we'll dress appropriately. Our entire staff is ready for the golf tournament as much as we are for the big gala. We can even wear your company's polo shirt with logos if you prefer. With Unparalleled Parking, you can be sure we will dress up or down for the occasion.

Reserved Parking

Although we'll park your car wherever you need, we can also reserve spots for your VIP guests who may need quick access to their vehicles. Our reserved parking layout can meet your intended purpose. 


For instance, we can create more secure areas or group different types of vehicles together by category. Whatever you want the layout to look like, we can make it happen.

Flexible Scheduling

At Unparalleled Parking, we understand that sometimes the party may go well into the night. This is why we offer flexible scheduling valet service. You can choose an afternoon, evening, or late night time slot, and our crew will be on hand to make sure that everyone gets in and out of their cars in a safe and timely manner. 

Focused on Customer Satisfaction

Our clients are what makes our company great, and we always strive to make sure that we give 100% in every event. Our attentive staff is trained to be versatile and think out-of-the-box with prompt service to ensure we have happy customers.

Memorable First Impressions

Setting the mood for your event starts when your attendees and clients arrive. Our valet services offer an air of luxury, and we want their first impression to be an exceptional one because this will reflect positively on your event.

We Customize Our Services 

No two events are the same, and we know this, so we will listen if you have special requests or if you need our valet services to be tailored to the event. Our flexibility helps us stand out from our competitors, and we will do our best to fulfill any unique tasks while maintaining our focus on customer satisfaction.

You Only Get the Best Valets in the Business

The last thing you want to worry about is who's behind the wheel of your client's vehicles, and we're here to assure you that we don't take hiring lightly. 


Our valets not only need to have expert customer service and a positive attitude, but they also need to be gracious and mindful drivers and the ability to stay calm if there is a problem. The team is expected to be efficient, light on their feet, and able to deliver expert customer service and make your event their top priority.

Years of Trusted Experience 

Unparalleled Parking aims to provide that unequaled service. Rolling up to the curb where our dedicated parking assistants and service providers are waiting ensures you'll feel like a star throughout the experience. Unparalleled was established in 2008 to provide valet and parking services to the Minneapolis metropolitan area rooted in integrity and kindness. 


Our business is built around the Unparalleled Parking philosophy, which places the customer experience at the height of our service, with solid business principles and a highly competent staff to deliver on this. This cornerstone has allowed us to turn even the most challenging situations into winning opportunities for our customers.

We Remove the Stress 

Residents of the Twin Cities realize how difficult, time-consuming, and expensive it can be to search for precious parking spots in the city, which is made worse by Minnesota's temperamental weather. 


Unparalleled takes the stress out of the operation by providing friendly, on-the-spot designated greeters, parkers, stackers, and even, for some larger events - a shuttle service. Each project is overseen by a uniformed on-site manager who combines logistics capabilities with staff management to deliver a pampered and personalized service. 

Unparalleled Parking Is Your Choice for Personalized Valet Service

No matter where you are in the Minneapolis or St. Paul Area, Unparalleled Parking is ready to serve you. We provide prompt service, careful driving, and a warm smile for each of your guests. You count our entire crew to be professional in every aspect of our work, and we are happy to customize our services for your event. 


Call us today at 651-300-1515, or send us a message online and schedule us for your upcoming party.