If it’s your first time hiring a valet company for, you may be a little stressed. A valet parking service is a significant investment of your finances; a poorly-serviced valet company can just be a monetary sink. You’d hate for your important guests to have a bad experience and be in foul moods before they’ve even set foot into your establishment—and you’d hate to have spent money on that!


How do you know if the valet company you’re interested in is top-notch and worthy of your business? Unparalleled Parking is here to help. We’re a Minneapolis valet service that’s been in the business for years; we know what makes good service because we strive to practice it. Below, you’ll learn what questions you should be asking before you consider hiring any valet service.

How is the Valet Company Over the Phone?

It may seem trivial, but in many industries, how the company communicates with a client over the phone is a good reflection of how they’ll interact with said client face-to-face. Prompt customer service over the phone often mirrors prompt and efficient valet parking service. A valet company’s courtesy over the phone often translates into courtesy to their passengers. In addition, if your call is answered by an automated line or a huffy serviceman, you can be sure the valet company does not value its customers.


At Unparalleled Parking, we pride ourselves on prompt, yet warm, communication. In fact, our phone lines are always staffed by real people who are eager to help you. You’ll never need to jump through automated hoops just to get somebody to help you answer a complicated question.

Is the Valet Company Local?

Local businesses offer personable, tailored care to their customers. A smaller, selective number of employees makes ensuring top-notch service possible; local businesses can afford to be very particular about who they hire, and they’re streamlined enough to quickly remedy any service issues that may arise. With larger businesses, even though they may offer expansive services, large administrative bodies might make it difficult to find somebody who can help you.


Unparallelled parking is a local Twin Cities valet company. We’re just large enough to also serve the surrounding metro area and offer a myriad of services, but we’re small enough to maintain stringent employee standards, remain personable with all our customers, and offer streamlined valet parking.

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