No matter if it’s cheap and cheerful or an extravagant investment of funds, a fundraiser is a great opportunity to raise money for any number of things— harities, nonprofits, homeowners associations, you name it. Plus, because they are typically family-friendly events, they bring communities together, drum up good press for your business, and typically are a great time for hosts and participants alike.


With all that said, why not hire a valet parking service to make your fundraiser extra special?


Yes, we know—if you’re raising funds, you probably don’t have much extra to spend. But a Twin Cities valet company like Unparalleled Parking can add a “Minnesota nice” touch to your event and actually increase your profits.

Comfortable Customers Spend More

You definitely tip a waiter or waitress contingently on the quality of their service, yes? And you tip your hairstylist if they’ve done an exceptional job. In other words, if you’re happy and comfortable, you’re not afraid to drop a little extra money to show it; it’s somewhat of a universal social law. And because it’s so universal, it also applies to the guests at your fundraising event.


Face it: parking in the Twin Cities is stressful, and you’re already asking a lot of your guests to donate their money to your organization. Hiring a private event valet company is the least you can do to increase your guest’s comfort levels—and the amount of donations you receive.

Valet Parking Services Add a Formal Air

You’d probably be willing to drop a lot more cash at a fancy sushi joint than at a local hokey roadhouse, right? As superficial as it sounds, aside from providing a great experience, a lot of profit in business is in the presentation.


The same goes for your fundraising event. The formal transportation a company provides can do wonders for profits on a limited budget. Plus, certain companies like Unparalleled Parking place high values on presentation and courtesy. Our drivers are always in the proper attire for your event, and they understand that your guests represent your potential profits.


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