You’ve done it—you’ve hired a valet parking service for your next formal event! It’s a huge weight off of your shoulders. Now you can focus on all the other preparations, like those pesky floral arrangements. Or maybe you’re a hotel or restaurant manager who is looking forward to the increase in profits and the high-class air a valet company can bring to your hard-working establishment. Either way, you’re satisfied with your decision, and if you've hired Unparallelled Parking, you can be doubly so!


However, do you know what to expect from your Twin Cities valet service? Knowing how a valet company will operate can help ensure your first few weeks go off without a hitch. Unparalleled Parking, a Minneapolis valet company, explains what you should expect from a high-quality valet company (like us) during the first few weeks.

Expect Great Service. Nothing Less.

How your valet company behaves is a direct reflection of your business, in the eyes of your potential customers. Think about it: you’re paying your valet service to give your company a good name. As a patron of these services, you have a right to demand the best quality service the business is capable of providing. You should expect:


●        Courteous drivers. “Courteous” changes its meaning depending on what kind of customer the driver is serving. Some customers like a bit of chit-chat, while others want nothing more than a nod. Regardless, you should always expect your valet drivers to behave in a sensitive fashion and adjust their behavior depending on the customer’s mannerisms.

●        Safe driving. Reckless behavior has no place in this industry. You should always expect the company you hire follow all traffic laws, and the drivers to be mindful of surroundings. Remember, how this company treats your customers directly reflects on your business’s public image. If your customers come out to find damaged cars, imagine what that could do to your business’s profits.

●        Quick driving. Good valet drivers know how to hustle so as not to add unnecessary wait times to your customers’ dining or hotel experiences. Again, think of valet services as an extension of the service your business provides. Slow service here suggests that your other services will be likewise! However, you must give allowances for slower driving in adverse weather conditions—this is a part of what “safe driving” means.

Expect the Best with Unparalleled Parking

You won’t need to worry about if you’re getting good service when you hire Unparalleled Parking; we’re one of the quickest, most personable valet parking companies in the Twin Cities. To find out more about our valet and limo services or to reserve a date, call us at 651-300-1515. You can also send a message to