At Unparalleled Parking, we understand if you have reservations about valet parking services. After all, you’re leaving the keys to one of the most valuable investments you’ll ever own in the hands of a stranger!

However, we’re also here to reassure you that there’s nothing to fear when using our Minneapolis valet services. After all, we wouldn’t have been a transportation company for over a decade if we’d given anything but honest, straightforward service. 

Below, we discuss a few common fears about using valet services and then put them to rest because you will know what to expect. You have nothing to feel nervous about when you hire Unparalleled Parking!

Addressing Common Fears About Minneapolis Valet Services

If you’re nervous about contacting a private event valet company, that’s okay! It can be a little nerve-wracking to put your business’s reputation or your guests’ satisfaction in the hands of a company you don’t know. 

We recommend vetting the reviews of the valet company in question before you hire. This can give you a good idea of the quality of service they will provide and hopefully rid you of some of your fears. 

However, even after extensive research, you might still be left with some anxieties.

What if the Valet Company I Hire Has Unscrupulous Staff? 

You’ll never need to worry about this when you work with Unparalleled Parking. All of our drivers undergo an extensive background check before employment. We only hire the best, most hardworking, and talented staff in the business. 

What if the Company Is Not Careful With Their Driving? 

As stated above, we’re dedicated to supplying our clientele with only the best service; we can’t do that with sloppy driving. As stated above, we only hire the best staff in the industry. Anything otherwise would fall below our standards.

What if the Company Gives My Guests the Wrong Vibe? 

With Unparalleled Parking on your side, your event or business can give off any sort of vibe you want. Are you looking for more of a formal air? Our drivers will wear your business’s uniform. 

For a more relaxed yet still professional vibe, we can show up in polos with our logo. We go above and beyond what you might expect from your valet service, all to give your guests the experience that you intend through customization that leaves a lasting impression

The Foundation Behind Our Valet Drivers

I (Chris Forest) founded Unparalleled Parking in 2008, bringing management expertise to a startup company that I dedicated to integrity, strength of character, and sound business principles. I believed that quality would follow quality. 

Service is not simply complementary to the task being performed. Valet drivers are hired based on the quality of service. In this way, a valet company’s success revolves around the quality of each valet driver’s service. And it’s why Unparalleled Parking hires the best.

In other words, valet drivers of the highest quality would be attracted to work at the valet company with the utmost quality. The rest was history.

Valet Drivers With Optimal Support

Every valet driver relies on equipment and resources to do the job well. Unparalleled Parking drivers utilize a combination of top-of-the-line radios, GPS mapping, key boxes, podiums, and chauffeur vehicles to make a seamless and positive experience for clients. 

Whether you host a private party and want to create a lasting memory or run a business in the city, Unparalleled Parking can provide the transportation services you need to impress.

In addition to equipment that helps our valet drivers get the job done efficiently and professionally, every event is supported by a suited valet team manager. The manager ensures team performance by being on-site at all times and having an in-depth understanding of event venue logistics and needs. 

That way, our operations are guaranteed to reflect the client in every interaction, from opening the door curbside with a smile to speedy vehicle delivery for ultimate patron convenience. 

Our Valet Service Spans the Twin Cities

Unlike other valet services limited to St. Paul, Minneapolis, or only certain surrounding areas, Unparalleled Parking can provide transportation and valet parking to cities and the surrounding metro areas

We make it easy to hire a valet driver with a single call for a last-minute gig, party, or other event. With enough staff to take care of up to 2,500 guests, you don’t need to shop around for a better transportation option!

Ready to Talk to a Valet Company? Contact Unparalleled Parking Today

We can’t speak for the integrity of all Twin Cities valet services, but we’ve certainly spoken for ours. Through hard work and dedication to the business, we have over a decade of experience you can trust! 

Reach out online or give us a call today at 651-300-1515 to get started planning services for your event or business.