We all learn how to park a car in Driver’s Ed. It’s a legally required part of getting a license, after all. So you might think that just about anyone who can drive a car can work in valet parking services.

It’s easy, right? All you have to do is drive from Point A to Point B a few times and then the shift is over.

Well, as a valet company, we can definitely say that working in this industry isn’t for everyone. If it was, then everyone would be doing it! It takes a specific set of skills to become a driver, and a specific ability to tolerate the unique stressors that arise on the job.

Unparalleled Parking, a Minneapolis Valet Service, describes below what makes a good valet driver – and what we might look for if you’re sending in a resume.

Good Transportation Workers Put the Customer First

Succeeding in the valet industry comes down to the ability to provide great customer service, and by great, we mean above and beyond what the customer paid for and expected.

But that’s a skill required by any service industry – at least, variations of it are. What does “the ability to go above and beyond” look like in a valet driver?

Well, it looks like a cool head, versatility, and above all, dedication to the job – among other characteristics.

A Cool Head

As a valet driver, you will encounter times when the line is queuing up, and you might feel your anxieties rising. While an anxious worker is merely undesirable in any other industry, an anxious valet worker can spell disaster, as nerves can mean inattentive driving and costly mistakes.

Any job will cause stress sometimes, but good valet drivers will be adept at handling it.


Many times, as a valet driver, you won’t get to pick which customer’s car you take to the parking lot.

You’ll need to know how to quickly and calmly familiarize yourself with any and all types of vehicles, from stick shifts to diesel trucks.


Apathy has no place in an industry predicated on serving others. A great valet driver will understand the importance of their job; they will understand that they hold a unique position that enables them to make somebody else’s day a little brighter and a little easier.

They will, due to this understanding, be dedicated to and passionate about their job.

Enhanced Driving Skills

Professional drivers also have expert skills when they are navigating the client's vehicles. They need to be insured, licensed, and able to maintain total professionalism when they are behind the wheel.

Combined with all this, they need to be on time, greet the clients, and open and close the doors for them professionally and courteously.

High Energy

Traditional shifts will also require a high level of energy and a positive attitude. This is because, as a valet driver, you need to be available to assist with parking clients' vehicles, opening and closing their doors, or supporting them if they have any special requests while maintaining a high level of enthusiasm.

Customer Service

Anyone in the hospitality or customer service-focused industry knows how essential it is to ensure the clientele is happy. The driver will have to have the ability to put any stressors from personal life or frustrations aside and keep a calm demeanor and even more so when things are hectic or fast-paced.

Excellent customer service means the clients will get personalized attention from a friendly individual with every interaction, and the valet will do everything to meet their needs to ensure they are satisfied with their experience.

Considering Employment? Need to Hire a Twin Citie Valet Service?

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