Many of us have consulted online reviews. No matter if we’re looking for anything from the best local coffee joint to the hottest new boutique, we’ll oftentimes opt to do business with a company or not by how many stars they receive from their customers. If we’re really concerned, we might even read full reviews! Customers can have a lot to say about businesses of all kinds, and if something is repeated over and over again, the chances are it’s worth listening to.


When it comes to valet companies, these online reviews are crucial in determining what kind of service the company provides—arguably more so than in other industries. Unparalleled Parking, a Twin Cities valet company, explains why below.

Reviews Tell You About the Company Before you Walk In the Door

Restaurants can show you pictures of the food they serve, and boutiques can do the same with their products, but it’s a bit harder to show a valet parking service in action with images alone. We do operate in a service industry, after all. Hiring a valet parking service is all about providing a professional and courteous experience for your guests and about creating a specific vibe. An experience or vibe is a lot harder to capture on camera than, say, a fancy dish or a designer shirt.


This is where customer reviews for Minneapolis valet services come into play. Real people write about their experiences with any given valet company, allowing the potential customer to understand exactly what kind of service they’ll be getting from that company. They do the same thing for valet parking services that photographs of goods do for other, more item-based industries.


This makes reviews crucial when it comes to picking out the right transportation company for your needs. Trust the previous customers of valet parking services when they sing their praises or air their grievances online. They often have little or nothing to gain by posting a positive or negative review about any given company. Generally, reviews exist solely for advising you, as a potential client, of what service you should expect. When it comes to valet parking services, always pick one that has a solid record of great service, as indicated by its customer reviews.

At Unparalleled Parking, Our Reviews and Our Service Are Solid

Give our company reviews a once-over here. You’ll see that we have a long record of doing right by our customers. To inquire about our valet parking services, give us a call now at 651-300-1515.