You can settle for mediocre valet service or you can go next-level with customer-driven, industry-leading valet service right here in the Minneapolis-St. Paul area. At Unparalleled Parking, we are constantly innovating the way we operate our business. Our goal is to bring you 100% satisfaction. Here are five ways we can make your next event exceptional!


We Plan Ahead

Our team of experts doesn’t just pencil your name into our schedule book. We carefully take extra time with you so that we can fine-tune your experience. While you are busy planning for your party or wedding, we are working out every detail of valet service from facilities and grounds, to staffing, parking strategies, and creating the smoothest route in and out of your property. By the time your event is here, we’re ready to go on every level.


Not Just Friendly; But Attentive and Sensitive to Your Needs

We realized a long time ago that just putting a smile on and saying “Hello” is not enough for our valet service. Therefore, we are focused on providing a warm touch, a caring demeanor, and listening ear. We don’t want you to just step out of your car. Rather, we want you to make an appearance and feel like a VIP. We’ve learned to read every guest and what he or she is looking for. Therefore we pay close attention to every car that pulls up and every person inside.


When Only the Highest Level of Class and Style Will Do

Our attendants dress sharp for every occasion. We provide aesthetically pleasing facilities and supplies. We use professional client-centered language. We improve our surroundings, roll out the red carpet, and carry our business with the highest level of dignity and quality anywhere in Minneapolis. We take pride in our service and perform every function with absolute grace and style. You’ll love the results!


Precision! Precision! Precision!

Each of our attendants has their role down to a science. We carefully study every move we make and how we can make the flow of traffic move even more efficiently. We take care to drive and park your car in a careful manner and make sure there is adequate space between vehicles. Everything from out attire, to our speech, our desks, our facilities, and supplies, and our execution must be perfect until the last vehicle has left the event.


We Treat Our Clients with the Highest Level of Respect

At Unparalleled Parking, we know that your wedding or party has to be perfect. There can be nothing left to chance. For this reason, we carefully listen to everything you say, respond with a professional attitude, and provide top-notch friendly service. We don’t want you valet experience to just be good. We want it to be memorable! As our client, we want to treat you right with every aspect of our job. We are here to help you with everything you need for the day!


Are You Ready to Take Your Valet Experience to the Next Level?

The team here at Unparalleled Parking is here to serve you when you need us. We offer high-end, luxury valet parking service for home and business owners across the Twin Cities area. No matter how large or small your event is, we have the facilities and the manpower available to handle it. Call us today and let us schedule your next event a 651-300-1515! We are Minneapolis and St. Paul’s premier valet service.