You’ve heard of and probably have several dozen apps for your smartphone, but do you have any driving apps? The most common among driving apps is some kind of navigation system. There are several free navigation driving apps that exist. However, after considering the big hitters, you may not be able to think of any other driving apps. If that’s the case, you’re missing out!


Determining the 5 Best Driving Apps

The ultimate driving app would be like a swiss army knife with several unique features all in one neat package! But most apps specialize only in one thing: one game, one tool, one service. The benefit of that specialization is that you can download the best driving apps in their respective functions without settling for an app that only does one thing really well and the rest sub-par.


That’s why we’ve narrowed down the five best driving apps that excel in one or two functions. Which one will you download? Read below to decide!


1.      Drivemode - While driving apps can be extremely useful, you never want to give up safety to use them. Drivemode is an app that allows you to access and use the apps you already have on your phone without actually looking at the phone. For instance, you can prompt the app to read your texts aloud with a wave of your hand. Everything from navigation to playing music can be activated with a different gesture.

2.      Best Parking - In Minneapolis, finding a cheap parking spot can be a daily challenge and frustration. The Best Parking app collects data from nearby garages and lots on the screen for easy, quick comparison. Or, you can opt to immediately begin navigation to the nearest or cheapest choice.

3.      ReadItToMe - This handy app will read every notification your phone receives in real time. Thus, if something crucial lights up your phone, you’ll know without taking your eyes off of the road. At that point, you can find a safe place to pull over and handle any emergency texts or calls.

4.      CamOnRoad - If you’ve ever considered the benefits of a dash cam, you can now achieve the same effect with your phone’s camera. Record a few hours of video at a time and store the information to the cloud for free.

5.      Waze - Most navigation systems don’t account for traffic in real time. Waze accomplishes real time traffic updates via crowdsourcing information from other drivers. Hazards, accidents, and speed traps can all show up on this app.


You can download any or all of these driving apps at your leisure for a more safe and efficient driving experience!


Unparalleled Parking: A Unique Driving Service

Like the driving apps above, Unparalleled Parking offers a unique and convenient service. Our experienced drivers excel in chauffer and parking services for downtown businesses, large private events, and more. We have the knowledge to navigate smoothly as well as keep every vehicle and passenger safe and secure.


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