Reasons to Consider New Car Tech

A new car is an exciting investment, from choosing the model for its shapely exterior to the hot color that speaks to your personality. But with the number of technologies revolutionizing the world we know, it’s time to embrace some of them in new car tech.


Why? Car technology can completely change your driving experience, making a boring ride more entertaining, safer, or more comfortable.


7 Car Tech Features You’ll Love

Car tech aims to enhance your car and increase its value. Check out the best new car tech in this comprehensive list!


1.      Rear Camera - See what’s behind you without turning and looking over your shoulder into your blind spots or even in your rearview or side mirrors. A rear camera is an assistant to the elderly or disabled who are not as mobile. With an in-dash display, it’s a car tech feature that gives peace of mind to everyone, especially those who operate a larger vehicle.

2.      Rear Sensors - Sensors in the back of your vehicle are a car tech that works in tandem with a rear camera or on their own. They alert you when you come to close to another object. In this way, backup sensors can stop you from backing into a light post, another vehicle, or even a person if you’re in a crowded area. Rear sensors can also help signal if you’re changing lanes with someone in your blind spot or if you have a bicyclist approaching blindly in the rear.

3.      Auto Braking - Auto brakes only work in conjunction with front sensors. When something comes into close proximity to your car, this car tech forces your car to brake to avoid hitting the object.

4.      Lane Detection - A lane detection system monitors what’s beside you in a similar way that a rear sensor monitors what’s behind you. Except, in this case, lane detection also makes noises or vibrates the steering wheel when your car passes over a lane line without a blinker. This system can potentially make you a better, safer driver by preventing potential collisions from tiredness or distractions.

5.      Park Assist - Very few people enjoy parallel parking. Park assist takes the stress out of the job, sensing the cars around you and steering your car into place while you apply the gas and brakes yourself.

6.      Electronic Stability - Slippery roads, sharp turns, and uncertain terrain can all cause a tense driving situation. However, electronic stability helps mitigate those risks by sensing your direction and correcting for unexpected car movement, keeping you on course.

7.      Voice Control - Being hands-free allows your hands to steer and your eyes to focus. Voice control is a car tech that promotes hand-free utilization of navigation, phone calls, and even your stereo.


Safety First at Unparalleled Parking

Whether your vehicle is old or new, has new car tech or an old car feel, the Unparalleled Parking team is dedicated to keeping it safe and secure. That means any time you travel to a partner business in the Twin Cities, our Unparalleled Parking drivers will take your place behind the wheel with care, transporting your car safely to a lot that we monitor. You can put your trust in our drivers and attendants who have years of experience and go through extensive background checks.


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