The Importance of Halloween Driving Safety Tips

In Minneapolis, every neighborhood is its own mini metropolis thriving with life and each one has a distinct group of neighbors and friends that watch out for each other. But Minneapolis is also a big neighborhood in itself, a neighborhood that should be protected every day of the year by every resident.


As you venture out to your Halloween parties, bars, clubs, and events on the spookiest day of the year, don’t forget about the added dangers to pedestrians. By practicing Halloween driving safety tips, you can keep the streets safe!


8 Halloween Driving Safety Tips to Put Into Practice

Driving safety is no trick! So here’s your treat…


Practice these eight Halloween driving safety tips to keep Minneapolis safe:


1.      Slow Down - One of the best and easiest ways to practice your Halloween driving safety tips is to slow down, especially in residential areas. Where you might otherwise drive 25 mph, instead drive 15 mph. Many residential streets are not well lit, so use caution!

2.      Don’t Pass - When a vehicle in front of you slows or stops, your first instinct might be to go around. This is a bad idea. The vehicle may be slowing down or stopping for children that you do not see and can’t see over another vehicle. Be patient and don’t pass!

3.      Phone Dock - Set a designated place in your car for your phone so that it’s out of reach and not distracting you while driving. This is one of our Halloween driving safety tips but also a great general driving tip to practice year-round. Your texts, calls, and internet surfing can wait.

4.      Yield - Pedestrians have the right of way. That means they can and will cross in front of your vehicle. This is especially true of children who are excited to run to the next house for more candy! Always yield to those on foot (and bicycles) around you.

5.      Vigilance - Watch the roads closely, not only for children darting out but also other drivers who may not be paying heed to a potentially dangerous situation. Don’t be afraid to honk in warning.

6.      Signals - If you’re stopping for crossing pedestrians or see an accident ahead, you can signal to other drivers by flashing your hazards. Or, you may elect to pump the brakes to flash your brake lights in warning that you are slowing down.

7.      Stow Your Vehicle - Parking on the road can lead to extra blind spots for moving vehicles. Help keep kids safe by parking away from the road and in your driveway or garage instead.

8.      Stay Inside - No plans? If the urge to grab a last-minute pizza strikes, consider going out earlier or later then prime trick or treating time to avoid the heavy foot and car traffic. This is the best of our Halloween driving safety tips because it is preventative.


A Halloween of Safe Driving

Kids aren’t the only ones to look out for on Halloween. Parking lots are one of the most crowded places for pedestrian foot traffic, especially during events or holidays in downtown Minneapolis. If you’re headed downtown to one of our partners, consider using the valet services of Unparalleled Parking.


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