Why Clean Your Car?

If you haven’t washed and detailed your car lately, it’s most likely because it’s a chore you don’t think about (or don’t want to think about). Between driving to work and running errands, you’re always on the go. Whenever you’re reminded to clean your car, you simply don’t have the time.


The occasional rain may wash a light film away, but not heavy grime. And with the winter wear of snow and salt coming up, it’s even more important than ever to maintain a clean automobile. It keeps your car in proper working order and elongates its life. More work now means less money to invest in repairs down the road!


8 Tips for How to Clean Your Car

Professional car detailers aren’t so different from the average Joe. They simply have the right tools, equipment, and products to clean your car properly. Their experience also helps guide which tools and products they use where and on what type of car. You have an easier task, because you likely only have one or two cars to worry about.


Regardless of make and model, you can clean your car like a pro with these eight tips!


1.      Exterior Wash - When you clean your car, be careful NOT to use a household cleaner which can damage the paint and weaken protective coatings. This means avoiding hand soap, dish soap, laundry detergent, and those “all-surface” cleaners. Instead, be sure you use a car-safe soap.

2.      Blowing Out the Dirt - The inside of any car has nooks and crannies where crumbs, dirt, and other debris can become lodged. Before vacuuming inside your car, use a blow dryer or other air compression system to blow the dirt free and out onto the carpet. That way, you can more easily suck it up.

3.      Seats - Different interior surfaces require a slightly different method for you to clean your car. For instance, with any fibrous material, you can really bring the dirt to the surface with a stiff-bristle brush. For leather, the brush would be damaging. Instead, you should use a conditioner with aloe.

4.      Odor - Cars develop odors over the years due to carrying bodies, food, equipment, pets, and all kinds of things. But the odor isn’t just imbedded in the material surfaces; it’s also in the ducts. Use a small, portable compressor to blow dust and dirt from the heating and air conditioning vents.

5.      Tires - Acid-based solutions used by the professionals should be avoided here. Instead, clean your car tires with a non-acid solution to avoid oxidation and pitting.

6.      Paint Damage - Removing scratches and chemical contaminants keeps a car body looking unblemished! To achieve the new paint look, you’ll need to invest in either a paint-cleaning clay lubricant or a liquid paint cleaner. The “secret” here is to make sure you use the lubricant or cleaner slowly by hand to feel where the paint has been compromised.

7.      Shine - To create a shine in your car, you’ll need to polish it. This evens out the paint. It’s recommended not to use a polishing machine, even though it’s faster, because it can damage the vehicle. You’re better off if you clean your car with polish by hand or a slow oscillating buffer.

8.      Protection - Last but not least, you’ll want to protect all of your hard work on the exterior of the vehicle! Waxing provides a sacrificial layer for small scratches and chemical hazards. Go over the car with two coats to cover any missed areas.


Professionally Clean Your Car with a Remarkable Valet Service

If you are not a DIYer, that’s okay. It’s recommended to have your car cleaned and detailed at least once each year, preferably prior to winter.


However, if you happen to be attending or hosting an event in Minneapolis, you might be in for a treat! By hiring Unparalleled Parking, you not only get top-of-the-line driving and parking service, you can also get luxurious perks such as professional car detailing. You don’t have to clean your car. Simply leave the detailing to us during your next valet service!


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