Increasing Road Safety With New Driver Tips

If you’ve ever lived in or near the Twin Cities, you know how rough navigating the roads can be. Rush hour traffic. Buses and bike lanes. Not to mention that there always seems to be something under construction, especially during the summer season!


Getting to know the roads and how to handle situations like these can be tough, especially for new drivers. Even when a new driver follows every road rule, something unexpected can happen or a new situation can lead to a bad decision. Experience is key. But since new drivers don’t have that experience, it’s the job of parents and the community to help guide them with new driver tips and insight. That way, the roads in Minneapolis and St. Paul will stay safe for everyone.


5 New Driver Tips from Unparalleled Parking

Standard new driver tips might exist in a driving handbook, but those tips aren’t area or circumstance specific. The drivers of Unparalleled Parking, on the other hand, have over 20 years of combined driving experience in the Twin Cities to offer first time driver tips that are practical and applicable to the roads and highways in the heart of Minnesota.


So even after you get a license, read through these new driver tips before you hit the road:


1.      Maintain Distance - A driving handbook may tell you that a single car length is enough distance between you and the next car on a low-speed road, but city driving often means getting quickly cut off. Suddenly, the car length of space can have a car in it, and you have no room to stop. Be ready for rapid merging and switching lanes.

2.      Shut Your Phone Off - This is a popular new driver tip for a reason. It’s one of the biggest causes of car accidents. Whether you text in the car or not, the temptation to check your phone for the time, a missed call, or email notification can be too great to resist. Eliminate the temptation by shutting your phone OFF when inside your car.

3.      Stow All Luggage - Though you’re not taking a plane ride, the rule should hold true as a new driver tip. You need to focus as you drive, so put away the makeup, food, coffee, phone, etc. and choose a radio station before you ever step on the gas.

4.      One Passenger Limit - Now that you have a license, you’re excited to take your friends to the movies or out partying. But before you do, ask yourself if you can handle the chaos of conversations, backseat wrestling, or someone changing the radio station and singing poorly to their favorite song. Even if you think you can focus on what’s going on inside and outside the car, consider limiting yourself to driving one passenger at a time to start.

5.      Anticipate - Some people consider anticipation and defensive driving to be the same, but anticipation encompasses more than thinking about what other drivers might do on the road. Think about your setting. Could deer, dogs, or other animals jump out unexpectedly on your route? Is there a streetlight that has particularly bad visibility? Have forethought to navigate via another path or change the way you drive in a certain area to be safe. For instance, you might stay away from a neighborhood where you know that a certain dog gets loose. Or you might slow down early for a particular streetlight.


The Experienced Drivers of Unparalleled Parking

Unparalleled Parking drivers are experts in efficiency and safety. We offer several types of valet service for events, local businesses, hotels, and private needs so that you don’t have to worry about driving or finding a parking place.


Whether you’re hosting the grand opening of a gala, celebrating a wedding, staying at a hotel, or just need chauffeur service for an anniversary dinner, we’re here for you. Our drivers understand city driving to get you or your guests somewhere on time or simply take care of your car while you’re eating at a luxurious restaurant. We can even clean and detail your car while you’re away!


Check out our full list of Minneapolis valet services and call for more information at (651) 300-1515!