Don’t let the harsh Minnesota winters keep you from enjoying your next event. The team at Unparalleled Parking will ensure that all your seasonal parties and events are well handled by the best in the business. If you want your evening to go off without a hitch, then read the tips below so that your valet experience is safe and trouble-free.


Carry an Ice Scraper or De-Icer in Your Car

It’s amazing what can happen in Minnesota in just an hour’s time. You could be inside enjoying the party while the snow or ice is collecting on your windows. Although Unparalleled Parking aids in keeping your car windows clear, you may want to pack an extra de-icer or scraper to ensure that you can see on the road. Being able to spot what is in front you when arriving or leaving a parking area can keep accidents from occurring.


Careful with those Shoes!!

Valet parking services do not always operate in ideal weather conditions. Snow and ice can develop in areas directly below your car when you step out. For this reason, it’s advisable that you wear high-heels or formal shoes that have a proper grip on the bottom. This will ensure that you will not slip as an Unparalleled Parking attendant is helping you out of the car.


Leave the Valet Area Quickly

As an attendant is pulling away from the valet receiving area, the snow and ice can cause tires spin out. Although Unparalleled drivers are trained to handle these situations, every car is different, thus every accelerator is also different. You’ll also want to remember that guests pulling out of the area can also spin out on the ice and slush. If any ice or gravel is thrown from behind the car, you don’t want to be anywhere in range. If you’re waiting for friends, then we suggest to step back out of the path of the vehicle rear.


Make Sure Your Car is in Good Condition Before Arriving to an Event

As a guest of the event, we want to make sure that you arrive and leave as smoothly as possible with no hassle. Winter, however, can wreak havoc on a vehicle. Therefore, it is wise to check all your fluid levels including the antifreeze. Make sure the tires are in good condition and that the car will start. The bottom line: you don’t want to get stuck in the parking lot in the dead of winter during a party.


Schedule Your Next Event with Unparalleled Parking

As winter draws near, so will all the holiday events. Get ahead of the pack and schedule Unparalleled Parking for your upcoming party or special event. We provide comprehensive valet service for clients in St. Paul, Minneapolis, and the entire Twin Cities region. Call us today at 651-300-1515 to set a date!