Valet parking is one of the most convenient (and fun) services that a host can provide for guests. When handled safely by both attendants and guests, everyone has an enjoyable evening. Below are four tips for ensuring that your time with Unparalleled Parking is secure and hassle free!


Check The Valet’s Closing Time and Make Sure You Have Everything You Need

Some events may last longer than expected or go late into the evening. For this reason, Unparalleled Parking will establish a closing time for retrieving your car. The closing time is often set by the host and agreed upon by our company. We provide a sign in the valet area that clearly announces when that time is. We also suggest double-checking when closing is. For this reason, make sure you take everything with you that you’re going to need including an extra set of keys in case you leave later than planned.


Keep Your Claim Ticket with You at all Times

When you arrive at your destination, a friendly Unparallel Parking valet attendant will greet you, open your door and hand you a claims ticket. That claim ticket is the only proof you may have that your vehicle belongs to you. It becomes even more difficult to find and validate ownership of a vehicle during an event that hosts hundreds of people. Your best bet is to keep your claim ticket with you at all times. Slide it in your wallet or purse or place it in the bottom of a deep jacket or pants pocket.


Is Your Car Quirky?

At Unparalleled Parking, we take great care with every single car we park. What we’ve learned is that no two vehicles are the same (even if they’re identical models). Therefore, if there is anything we need to know about your car, then please tell us when you get out. Does it handle a certain way? Is there a malfunction? Is customized? Is there a handicapped device? If there is anything unique about your car that would affect the way we park it, then please let us know in advance.


Arrive Slowly and Cautiously

As you pull into the lot, you may have a line of cars in front of you or vehicles that pass you as they are exiting. For this reason, we advise that you use extreme caution when pulling up. If you are arriving in the evening, then please turn off your high-beam lights. This allows anyone in front of you, pedestrians, other drivers, and valet attendants to see the area around them without being blinded by the lights.  By slowing down and practicing care, you can avoid a fender bender.


Unparalleled Parking will Keep Your Car Safe

For a smooth and safe evening at your next event, contact Unparalleled Parking. Our entire staff goes the extra mile to make sure you, your passengers, and your vehicle is safe and sound from the moment you arrive until the moment you leave. Call us today at 651-300-1515 to schedule our service. We proudly serve Minneapolis, St. Paul and the surrounding Minnesota area.