Your Party, Our Valet Service

Unparalleled Parking is ready to take on any event you plan, delivering unmatched valet service. Our top priority is creating a seamless environment for clients and their guests. We are certified to chauffeur your party guests or simply park their vehicles after they arrive. Need site-to-site party valet service? We can accommodate every little detail you desire to make your party unique and truly memorable. Just ask!


With almost ten years in the business, our standards go unmatched in the Minneapolis/St. Paul area. Our previous clients come back again and again for the most reliable, friendly, and experienced party valets in the midwest. We’re more than just a business. We’re a business that strives to see you happy with your valet service for memorable occasions and parties.


We offer valet service for parties and events such as:

●        Weddings

●        Birthday Parties

●        Retirement Celebrations

●        Holiday Gatherings

●        Engagement Parties

●        Baby Showers

●        Business Acquisition Dinners

●        Networking Socials

●        Themed Parties

●        Product Launches

●        Award Ceremonies

●        Anniversary Parties

●        Family Reunions

●        Charity Balls/Concerts

●        And more!


Last Minute Party Valet Service

Did you just earn a job promotion? Did you get engaged last night? Sometimes, life moments surprise us in a great way! If you have a last minute need for valet service at a party or event, we can help. Our constant communication and ability to jump at a moment’s notice means that you’ll never have to worry about transportation or parking when you want to celebrate!


From Minneapolis to St. Paul, We Span the Cities

No matter where your party or event is held in the Twin Cities, count on Unparalleled Parking to be there curbside! Our drivers are excellent chauffeurs with an extensive safety record and a working knowledge of every road, highway, and venue. You never have to worry about your ride being late or getting lost on the way to an important event. With state-of-the-art GPS technology in every vehicle, no destination will deter us from providing exquisite transportation, parking, and peace of mind!


The Luxury of Providing Party Valet

Have you ever attended a party in the Twin Cities at which you had to find a parking space in the crowded streets and garages, only to walk several blocks to the event? This is highly inconvenient! If the weather isn’t perfect, it can be too cold or hot and humid. You might even become drenched with rain on the way or be splashed with road muck.


Valet service adds a sense of luxury to parties. It enables guests to arrive and enter a venue quickly without fuss or risk. They simply hand their keys over and walk through the door. It’s an elegant process in which every valet at Unparalleled Parking takes extreme pride. Each valet acts with decorum and has a high degree of training that enables the process to go smoothly for guests arriving and departing.


When the car rolls to a stop, each guest is promptly greeted with a smile and an open door. In this way, each person entering the event has an immediate positive impression. That impression is carried through to the end when their vehicle is brought to them, car door open and keys ready to drive home. The party valet experience bookends a luxurious event.


And for certain events, Unparalleled Parking even offers a car cleaning and detailing service. When your guests leave, they will find their vehicles in even better condition than when they arrived.


At the end of the night, every guest will feel like royalty!


To learn more about the process, experience, and benefits of hosting a party with valet service from Unparalleled Parking, feel free to contact us.