Unparalleled Parking strives to conduct our business in a manner that is professional and ethical. We keep current with all city, state, and federal regulation regarding valet parking. Compliance helps us establish credibility and gives you peace of mind when hiring us for your next wedding or corporate event. Below we outline some of the highlights of valet parking regulations in the state of Minnesota.


Securing and Renewing an Operational License

We are more than happy to show you our operator’s license any time you want to view it. Our license is promptly renewed as required by law and contains all updated business information. Without a permit to operate, a valet service owner in Minnesota can face stiff penalties and fines, business shutdown, etc.


Applying for a license is always the first step in establishing a valet service. Therefore, if you hire a company without a business license, they’re probably not following other Minneapolis, St. Paul or Minnesota regulations as well. If you hire them, then you do so at a high risk.


Certificate of Liability Insurance

If a valet driver accidentally damages your car, then it’s up to the company to compensate the cost of repairing the damage. The state of Minnesota requires that valet services carry a substantial amount of insurance to ensure that the company provides compensation for all damages. If you ever have any questions about how much coverage we currently carry, then feel free to ask. We know that insurance is vital for both our company and yours.


Business Contracts for Valet Service

Unparalleled Parking partners with some of the largest corporations in Minneapolis and St. Paul to provide high-level parking service. We secure our partnerships through the contracts between the other party and us. We have to give copies of these agreements when applying for or renewing a license. Therefore, we require that all of our clients sign contracts. They protect both parties and eliminates any confusion in the business agreement.


Parking Authorization

The Minneapolis City Council issues us copies of Valet Loading Zone Authorizations every time we partner with a new client to provide valet parking. Valet zones are available in various parts of the city. Authorization is not a requirement for private properties as long as the property can provide adequate parking off the street. We also have to submit Proof of Availability of Off-Street Parking Spaces. You provide written authorization or a contract stating that you hire Unparalleled Parking for your event.


Schedule Valet Parking Service with Unparalleled Parking

If you are planning an upcoming event, contact Unparalleled Parking. We provide a wide array of parking services and equipment for businesses and private parties in and around Minneapolis and St. Paul, Minnesota. To schedule a date on our calendar, you can call us at (651) 300-1515.