There’s as science to parking cars. Behind the vests and ties, cleverly decorated podiums, and eager, smiling faces, there are geeks like us who sit down a study parking - not a bad way to spend the day. Trust us when we say that there’s a why behind everything we do. Parking involves more than just grabbing the keys and finding an open spot.


Several factors play into how and where we park cars. These same factors also determine the total area of the valet occupies. Knowing how many guests you can expect at any given time in your establishment will help you decide if your facility has the adequate space to receive guests and park their cars.



Before we stake out a valet area, specific criteria help us determine how much space we will need to provide a high-level service.


●        Maneuvering. The newly designated parking area needs to provide plenty of room for vehicles to the unloading zone without turning the car more than 10-20 degrees. If drivers have to turn sharply to enter a loading zone, it can create a challenge in maneuvering larger vehicles.

●        Driveways. How much space is there in the driveway off the street? There needs to be plenty of room for both doors to be opened on either side of the vehicle and guests to exit without any danger of being hit by another car in the street.

●        Gates. If your valet area includes gates, they need to move in a direction that does not interfere with the flow of vehicle or pedestrian traffic.


Parking Dimensions

The following industry standards apply to almost all valet scenarios in the Minneapolis and St. Paul area. Based on the standards, we recommend the following designated a parking lot with the following dimensions.


Type of Parking Space                  Recommended Dimensions


Standard                                             8-½ ft. wide x 18 ft. long


Compact Car                                      8 ft. wide X 15 ft. long


Parallel Parking                                    9 ft. wide X 24 ft. long


Other Considerations

As with all facilities in the Minneapolis and St. Paul, you will want to be sensitive to parking for those who are disabled. We recommend providing a particular loading area if someone is using a wheelchair or crutches. In some cases, disabled guests will be riding in specialized vehicles such as wheelchair vans. If you have VIP valet or parking designated for your event, you’ll want to account for the additional space needed.


Unparalleled Parking is Your Preferred Valet Service in Minneapolis

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