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Why Personable Service is Key in Valet Parking Services

“Personable” is a big business buzzword these days. Every firm, large or small, has begun to stress in their company’s mission the importance of caring about their clients; corporations want their clientele to feel as though, when they walk into the store, that they are interacting with a trusted friend.

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Why Hire a Professional to Manage your Parking Lot?

A parking lot can be a huge financial boon, but making money off of it requires a lot more effort than simply owning a plot of cement! There are meters to maintain, booths to staff, security cameras to set up, complaints to take care of…not to mention the chaos that comes with hiring all the people that make profiting from your parking lot possible.

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What “High Standards” Look Like in a Valet Company

Picking a valet company, especially one for a private event, can feel incredibly overwhelming. When all companies tote themselves as upholding the highest standards in the valet parking service industry, it can be difficult to cut through it all and figure out what’s the real deal.

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Summertime Events that can Benefit from a Valet Service

When you think of summertime in Minnesota, you think of mosquitoes, lakes, and long drives to the cabin. You probably don’t think of upscale events and fancy valet parking services. But the truth is, there are many events that take place during the summer that can benefit from a valet company’s help; people oftentimes just don’t think about them until it’s too late to hire anyone!

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