Picking a valet company, especially one for a private event, can feel incredibly overwhelming. When all companies tote themselves as upholding the highest standards in the valet parking service industry, it can be difficult to cut through it all and figure out what’s the real deal.


Moreover, if you’re new to hiring valet parking services, or if it’s your first time doing so, you may stress over if you’re educated enough about the industry to make the right choice as a consumer. What happens if, despite all those good online reviews, you overlook something and end up with a terrible experience?


No need to fret. Unparallelled Parking is here to give you a consumer’s rundown of what high standards in a valet company looks like. We want to help you make the right decision.

Good Valet Companies Put the Customer First

This may go without saying, but putting the customer first is especially important if you’re hiring a private event valet company. Does the firm that you’re looking at emphasize the comfort of the client above any other aspect of their services? If they don’t, the firm might not be able to provide your customers with the experience that you pay for. Sure, aspects like affordability and speed are also important when selecting a valet parking service, but at the end of the day, emphasis on customer service will make sure you get the most bang for your buck.


Checking the company’s reviews is a good way to scope out what kinds of customer service the firm has provided in the past. Customers generally aren’t paid to leave reviews; the service that their valet company provides must be good enough to motivate them to do so.


A company’s website and the tone in which it is written will also give you insight into how they treat their customers. Do they mention an emphasis on their customer service in their “about us” section?

Good Valet Companies Stress Professionalism

This somewhat goes along with treating customers well, but professionalism is a different beast in certain ways. A valet company with high standards when it comes to professionalism will be on time, every time. They will be consistent. They provide the same great service, no matter who is working the shift. When hiring drivers, the company will make sure those drivers understand that professionalism—consistency and personable service—is a priority.

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