Planning your wedding takes months of hard work and coordination, and you want it to go off without a hitch. When it comes time for your big day, you’ll want your transportation services to be absolutely on point. Not only will your bridal party need transportation, but guests may also need rides and will undoubtedly need parking at the venues. To help make sure you and your guests have a seamless experience, Unparalleled Parking has put together this brief list of wedding transportation tips.


Schedule Transportation in Advance

As soon as you choose a wedding date and venues for the ceremony and reception, you should contact your wedding transportation service. During certain times of the year such as prom, homecoming, and graduation, transportation services are extremely busy. You don’t want to wait until the last minute to contact a private event valet company because chances are, they may already be booked. If you’re considering booking a rare or vintage vehicle in lieu of a limousine or town car, you’ll want to book it months in advance, too.


Plan Your Route and Alternatives

Before your big day, you should scope out the route you plan to take to the venue. Get an idea of the amount of time it will take to arrive, and add an additional 20 to 30 minutes to it. You’ll want to request that your drivers arrive early to avoid any unexpected delays. You should also take time to research local events taking place on the day of your wedding. Concerts, conventions, sporting events, and parades can all generate heavy traffic that might prevent you from reaching your destination on time. Plan alternative routes in the event that something unexpected occurs.


Determine the Number of Vehicles

To determine the level of transportation you’ll need, you must first decide who will be taking advantage of transportation services. You’ll need to get an estimate of the number of guests attending so that your valet company can provide enough drivers. If you supply inaccurate information, you may end up with slow parking and transportation services and frustrated guests. Get a headcount early so you can relay that information to your valet company. If anything changes, keep them updated so they can schedule adequate staff for the day.


Your Private Event Valet Company in the Twin Cities

If you’re looking to book a valet company for your big day, Unparalleled Parking is here to serve you. Our highly-trained and experienced drivers are committed to excellence, professionalism, and unparalleled hospitality. We prioritize the presentation of your special day so that you and your guests have an unforgettable experience. If you’re planning a wedding and would like to learn more about our special event valet parking services, contact us at 651-300-1515, or you can message us at