Practicing proper etiquette goes a long in fostering a good relationship between a valet service, venue owner, and other guests. When visitors practice proper etiquette, it allows a company to attend all guests equally and provide top-notch customer service.


Unparalleled Parking understands the value of proper etiquette. When guests are courteous and polite, their actions allow us to do our job to the best of our ability. Below are some humble suggestions for guests who want to know what the best etiquette practices are.


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Remember: There are Guests Behind You

As you pull up to your venue, we will do our best to park your car safely and efficiently. We try to create an efficient service so that no one has to wait.


You can also extend that courtesy to others by exiting your vehicle promptly. Our attendant will be there to help you exit your vehicle. However, if you can be sensitive to the guests behind who are waiting, you can assist us in providing fast, friendly service to all guests.

Leave the Car Running

The value of valet parking is measured in seconds. Every second that we save allows us to park cars and retrieve them efficiently so that guests do not have to wait. By leaving your car running, you can save us five to ten seconds per guest.


Over the course of the evening, those seconds add up. This is especially true if there are a few vehicles that do not start right away. When you leave your car running, we can get in it, put in drive and park your vehicle quickly.

Tipping: Not Mandatory, But Always Appreciated

Our policy at Unparalleled Parking is never to make a party feel like they have to tip. We, customers, feel pressured to tip, it reflects poorly on our company and the venue or event planner that hired us.


Tipping is this: It is your opportunity to express your appreciation for our service. If that is something you feel like doing, we thank you. Regardless, we treat each of our guests with the highest level of dignity and respect.

Please be Kind and Courteous to Our Attendants

We train each of our employees to perform their job with precision and attentiveness. Although we have a great track record with our clients, we do not always get it right.


The best thing you can do as a guest to treat each of our employees with dignity and respect. We ask that you refrain unnecessary criticism or rudeness. Our attendants are here to serve you. Courtesy and patience go a long way in ensuring our attendants to take pride in their job.


If you ever have any complaints about our valet service, we welcome you to call our office or message us and make your complaint known. We will address it quickly and strive to improve our service.

Superior Valet and Limo Services in Minneapolis

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