Summer is an awesome time to host events of all kinds. The weather is superb for outdoor festivities, and you avoid the ice and snow that come along with harsh Midwestern winters. Talk about ideal!


But while you plan your event this summer, don’t forget to think about where—and how—your guests are going to park. Doing so doesn’t need to be a huge hassle; Valet parking is an easy way to help attendees arrive smoothly and without stress.


Learn more about the benefits of valet parking services for your summer events below, courtesy of a provider of St Paul valet services.

Keep Accident Risks Low

Once people drive up to your event, they will be excited, which may lead to a fender bender. Providing your attendees with an alternative to parking will promote a safer arrival and help them get to your event quicker—so they can spend more time having a blast.

Cut Down on Guest Stress

Parking a car at an event can be very stressful for drivers who are unfamiliar with the area or are not comfortable driving around your event location. Parking may also be hard to come by depending on where you are hosting.


A valet company can decrease the stress of your event attendees by completely eliminating the hassle of parking. Just hand over the keys and go have fun; we’ll take care of the rest.

Manage Traffic Flow

Parking at your event will be much more chaotic if you're allowing drivers to park their cars. You'll have times when a large number of cars arrive at once and others when there are little to no people entering the parking lot. Instead of having unpredictable and uncontrolled chaos, you can keep your summer event organized with a valet parking business. They can help you predict traffic flow issues ahead of time and take steps to prevent them.

Set the Stage for a Good Time

Imagine pulling up to an event with cars moving everywhere attempting to find a parking spot. With so little space, you could find your guests angry and possibly fight over parking spots. Your event won't start well if you have guests upset with one another. If guests enter the parking lot and are greeted by a cheery valet service, they'll be in a great mood before they even walk through the doors, meaning you, as the host, have less catch-up work to do.

Make Event Planning Easier

As the host, you have a lot on your mind. From decorations to the music, you have been planning absolutely everything for this event—you need it to go smoothly! With a valet service, you can have a peace of mind knowing everyone will enter your event safely and without snags, leaving you with more time to focus on other planning tasks.

Eliminate Weather Concerns

Summer weather here is temperamental. It’s not unheard of to have clear skies in the morning and a raging rainstorm come afternoon. This, of course, makes event planning tricky. No matter if you’re in charge of a wedding or a simple neighborhood bash, making your guests bolt from their cars to avoid the rain or trudge a quarter mile in the heat is no way to show hospitality!


If you own an event that’s success is predicated on attendee spending, you might want to especially take note of the weather that day; it can directly affect a potential customer’s mood and, by proxy, their monetary habits. According to WeatherAds, which helps businesses use the power of the weather as a marketing tool, “Studies show that temperature, humidity, air pressure, snow fall, and, especially sunlight can have a huge impact on a consumer’s mind frame and by extension their spending.”


Luckily, if the weather turns bad, Unparalleled Parking has your back. When you’ve got a valet service on call, your guests can drive right up to the doors, which helps to eliminate any foul mood or even potential health concerns that undesirable weather can thrust upon them—or at least minimize its effects. They’ll enter the event ready for a good time, and ready for you to deliver!

Make Smart Parking Decisions

Deciding where to let your guests park shouldn’t come down to a matter of convenience, nor should it be an afterthought. Certain spaces in Minneapolis and Saint Paul are safer than others, and certain parking lots have better maintenance than others, meaning they might have more viable space. On top of that, certain streets tend to have higher traffic flows at certain times, making finding good parking real estate even trickier!


We talk more about parking safety in our Minneapolis valet services blog, and about maximizing parking space in a similar entry—so hands down, we at Unparalleled Parking know what we’re doing when it comes to securing parking in the sometimes-chaotic Twin Cities area. We have both the safety-and-area-specific knowledge sets needed to help you fully think through the parking process.

Unparalleled Parking: Stress-Free Valet Service With a Smile

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