Summer is an ideal time to host events. The weather is superb for outdoor festivities, and you avoid the ice and snow that come along with a harsh Midwestern winters. While you plan your event this summer, don’t forget to think about where your guests are going to park. Valet parking is an easy solution for helping your guests arrive smoothly and without stress to your event. Check out a few reasons why you should hire Unparalleled Parking for your event!


1.      Decrease Risk of Accidents
Once people drive up to your event, they will be excited, which may lead to a fender bender or worse. Providing your attendees with an alternative to parking will provide them with a safer arrival and help them get to your event even quicker.

2.      Decreased Stress
Parking a car at an event can be very stressful for drivers who are unfamiliar with the area or are not comfortable driving around your event location. Parking may also be hard to come by depending on where you are hosting. Valet drivers can help decrease the stress of your event attendees by eliminating the stresses of parking.

3.      So Much Chaos
Parking at your event will be much more chaotic if you're allowing drivers to park their cars. You'll have times when a large number of cars arrive at one time and other times when there are little to no people entering the parking lot. Instead of having chaos, you can keep your summer event organized with a valet parking business.

4.      Easy Access for Your Guests
Imagine pulling up to an event with cars moving everywhere attempting to find a parking spot. With so little space, you could find your guests angry and possibly fight over parking spots. Your event won't start well if you have guests upset with one another. If you allow your guests to enter the parking lot and be greeted by a valet service, they'll be happier to come to your event.

5.      Peace of Mind for You
As the host, you have a lot on your mind. From decorations to the music, you have been planning for this event for a while and wanted it to go smoothly! With a valet service, you can have a peace of mind knowing everyone will enter your event safely and without hassle.


So eliminate all of these hectic outcomes from your summer event and hire Unparalleled Parking. We’re located in Minneapolis and serve the surrounding Twin Cities areas. Give us a call today to make your reservation at 651-300-1515.