There are two main reasons why thieves break into vehicles. First, something about the vehicle attracts the thief. Second, something about the vehicle makes it an easy target. There are several variables at play, but the bottom line is that you want your vehicle to appear untouchable and unattractive at all times.


Car robberies are a $1 billion dollar industry. However, you can take practical steps to ensure your car is safe once it’s parked. let’s look at some of these steps below.


●        Clear the Clutter

A clean car presents no temptations for a thief. What this means is that you need to clear out all the clutter and remove any temptations such as wallets, purses, devices, money, or other valuable items. If there is nothing in the vehicle, then there is no reason for a thief to break in.


●        Use the Valet Parking Service

Valet parking is optional in most facilities. This means, you can always choose to park your car instead of handing over the keys. However, services like as Unparalleled Parking assume responsibility for your car once we park it. That means we are going to use security measures to ensure the car is safe from burglary. Leave your car in the hands of professionals and walk away with peace of mind.


●        Stay Away From Dark Areas

A well-lit parking area is a deterrent for a thief who is afraid of being identified or caught. Therefore, you should always opt for the well-lit, visible areas where people can easily see your car. If you are hosting an event or providing valet for your business guests, you may want to consider adding more lighting to the valet parking areas. Your guests will appreciate it.


●        Lock Your Doors

It goes without saying that thieves comb parking areas testing cars for unlocked doors. Therefore, you should check and double-check your vehicle doors are locked before you step away from the car. Our valet parking service professionals are trained to test each car door to make sure it is locked when we park your car.


●        Add Security Features to Your Car

It is easy to add automated, smart, and remote security features to almost any vehicle today. You can add all types of alarms, mini-cameras, coded panels, and structural features that keep your vehicle almost impenetrable.


Many of the features can be controlled by an app on your smartphone. If you have any additional features that add security to your car, let us know about it when we park your car. This ensures that we either use those features or do not use those features upon request.

Secure Valet Parking Service in Minneapolis, MN

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