Your wedding is a chance to shine. From the moment you leave for the chapel to your arrival at the reception, you want everything to be perfect. Your guests should enjoy this occasion as much as you do. Help your guests relax and focus on your wedding by hiring a valet service. Valet parking by a professional valet has multiple advantages. If you have a large wedding, your guests are ensured a parking spot that is convenient no matter the weather. Here are a few reasons why you should hire a valet parking company like Unparalleled Parking to valet your upcoming wedding.


Hiring an Event Valet

Planning a wedding is a lot of work and being over prepared can make your day go smoothly. Start by getting a feel for how many guests are coming. Once you have a general idea, you should have enough information to find a valet parking business. You should also know which method of transport your guests are going to use to get there. This will give you a rough estimate of the number of vehicles the service can expect during the event. Then the company can put enough employees to handle your event from start to finish.


The Locations

Most people will have their wedding and their reception in separate places. These locations may be far apart from each other, making it doubly important to get parking out of the way and get there fast. A service can be particularly useful if you are holding the wedding in a large venue or one where the parking can be complicated and unclear such as a wedding by a beach or in a park or open field. Some reception locations already have valet parking from a specific company. Others are happy to work with your chosen service. Ask them if they can provide an area that is roped off just for your guests so everyone is in the same place.


Informing Your Guests

Once you've decided to hire a valet service, it's a good idea to tell your guests in advance. You can include this information in your wedding invitations and help them be prepared to show up and let someone else take care of parking their vehicle.


If you are interested in adding a valet service to your upcoming wedding, give Unparalleled Parking a call at 651-300-1515. We cater to the Twin Cities area and have served as Minneapolis’s top valet company since 2008.