Individuals with a disability can face certain physical barriers or challenges as they try to navigate parking experiences, leading to frustration and higher stress levels.

Providing parking services can make their experience easier, so the Unparalleled Parking team is here with all the advantages of hiring a valet!

How Does Valet Service Ensure Accessibility?

For some individuals with disabilities, travel can make their experience more challenging. With one in four adults having a disability, valet services offer multiple advantages for any impaired customers, including:

Easier Experience

In locations with parking facilities, accessible parking spaces must be in place for people with disabilities, even with valet parking offered. While this can be convenient for some, even walking a short distance can be a painful and frustrating experience for others.

Valet services create an easy and convenient experience because instead of needing to walk across the parking lot, the individual can get out in front of the building more easily and know that support is in place if required.

Safer Conditions

Disabilities can also make the individual more vulnerable, and they may have concerns about security and where to park their vehicle. Valet parking establishes a designated area, like a reserved section, where the cars are kept.

This action creates more control over the traffic that enters and leaves the area, reducing the risk of accidents and break-ins and making the experience safer because individuals know the valet company is monitoring the site.

Less Stress

Having a disability can also create a lot of stress, especially if the individual isn't familiar with the parking location or movement is more difficult.

Choosing valet service reduces the pressure of needing to find a parking space, and at the same time, they will be greeted with a warm smile from one of our team members who can provide them with whatever support is needed.

Once they're finished at the property, their vehicle will be waiting there for them, so they don't have to go searching, making their experience more manageable.

Your Twin Cities Professional and Dependable Valet Parking Services

Valet services help reduce stress, save clients time, offer support for those with disability issues, and show you care about their experience.

Unparalleled Parking provides the highest quality valet services, and we understand that our client's needs are unique, so we strive to exceed your expectations. Our team specializes in all types of parking services, from hospital parking management to private and corporate events, and we are a 5-star provider in the Twin Cities.

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