Whether you’re using a Twin Cities valet service or are traveling this summer, you should take the rumors surrounding valet parking services with a grain of salt. Valet services might cost money, but they’re entirely safe and cost efficient. If you’re looking for a solid event valet provider, you can trust them with your vehicle. Check out the five common myths surrounding valet parking below, and let us dispel them for you.


Myth One: Your Car Needs to Be Clean

For whatever reason, drivers think a valet service will reject their ride if it isn’t clean. Sure, it’s a good idea to pick up the spare trash. You don’t, however, need to give it the once over. Even during special events, valet service providers are pretty understanding. Just make sure you’re not too dirty.


Myth Two: Valet Drivers Steal Your Stuff

Valet companies need business. Why would they rob you? Valet robbery is a common myth, and it isn’t backed by much. Theft occurs in every industry, and valet services are surprisingly better than most—safety-wise. In fact, valet drivers undergo intensive screening processes. A valet company doesn’t hire individuals who’re likely to rob you blind.


Myth Three: Valet Drivers Damage Cars

While every car is different—and while some can be tough to drive—valet drivers are incredibly skillful drivers. In fact, they need to be for their company to thrive. Valet drivers undergo a series of tests, so as to make sure they possess the driving skills needed to secure your vehicle’s safe travel.


Myth Four: Valet Services Don’t Take Debit or Credit Cards

While most valet services take mostly cash, many take cards as well. Valet services, historically, took cash as payment. They also take cash tips. If you absolutely need to, however, you can pay with a card inside. Be careful, however, as some valet services—as with any service—may have particular payment needs.


Myth Five: You Can’t Access Your Valuables

Sometimes, drivers forget their valuables. Valet drivers understand this. While it can be a hassle to dig into the valet lot’s vehicles for your items, it can still be done. Sadly, a lot of drivers turn away valet services, thinking their valuables are locked away for the night.


As for the actual services, they’re pretty straightforward. You pay, give the driver your keys and head out. Your car is in good hands, so don’t worry. Again: Valet service providers are part of a business. They can’t remain successful if they damage customer vehicles. Clean up your car, if you need to, but let your providers take it from here. Unparalleled Parking is here to help, and we’re ready to assist you every step of the way. If you have any questions, just direct them our way!