Anyone in the valet parking industry knows you need the right equipment and accessories to help create the ultimate parking experience for your guests. Whether you are running a restaurant or throwing a first-class bash, each has different variables that will affect what is needed.

To help the experience go as smoothly as possible, we have a list of our favorite essential valet accessories you don't want to pass up.

1. Valet Podium

Keeping your station organized and secure means a faster turnaround and happier clients! Customized podiums are a durable solution that protects your customers' keys and lets them relax, knowing their belongings are in trusted hands. The stands come in multiple sizes and storage options for a personal touch, even on your busiest days.

2. Safety Cones

Minnesota has some of the best nightlife, and it's not unusual for hundreds of cars to be parked in one day. Safety cones let motorists know where they need to go, reducing the risk of collisions and making the entire process more efficient because the entrance and exit points are marked so there's no confusion.

3. Designer Signs

Let's face it: It can be confusing when you pull into a venue to look for parking, but there are no signs, especially if the valet stand is not in an obvious place! A customized sign helps customers locate the valet area and gives you a space to advertise your rates so the customers know what to expect when they drop off their vehicle.

4. Personalized Podium Umbrella

Aside from your podium, adding the valet umbrella creates a perfect combination with a traditional style. Valet umbrellas can be personalized with colors or sayings, exuding an air of quality and professionalism that enhances your services and makes your station easier to spot for your clients.

5. Easy to Read Tickets

Popular venues have a constant intake of vehicles, and if you try to manage this parking operation without the right organization, it can feel impossible.

Valet tickets help you identify the parked cars and their keys more easily because they come numbered to ensure that the right keys stay with the correct vehicle. You can also put branding or logos on the tickets purely for aesthetics and to create a feeling of exclusivity for the guests.

Unparalleled Parking: Experts in Valet Parking Excellence

The quality of your valet services is equal to how well your parking operation functions, and adding accessories can offer your customers an unforgettable and easy experience. Every client needs to be treated with the same level of care and professionalism, and Unparalleled Parking delivers!

Our team has been a premier valet company in the Minnesota and Saint Paul area for over a decade, and our priority is to provide top-rated corporate and private valet services that always feel like a high-class experience.

If you're interested in our transportation or valet parking services, give us a call at 651-300-1515 or contact us online, and our team will get back to you shortly.