We’ve all been there: running late, leaping out of our car, hurling our keys to the valet, and bolting for the front steps. You can’t miss that important reservation or private event, after all! However, rushing away from your car without doing a quick check of your essentials is a recipe for one big headache and another smaller hassle. Rest assured these belongings are safe with our background-checked, reputable valet drivers, but you certainly don’t want to pull the social faux pas of awkwardly exiting a conversation to go get your wallet to pay for dinner!


That’s why Unparalleled Parking, a Minneapolis valet service, has compiled a short list below of things you should always have on your person before you hand us the keys.

Your Credit Card

It’s an obvious safety hazard to leave money in an unattended vehicle, no matter where you are or what transportation services you may be using. Moreover, depending on what kind of event you’ll be attending, you’ll probably need something to pay for it. Good luck recovering from the awkwardness when you tell your new date you’ll need to go get your card!

Your Coat

Yes, valet parking services will take care of your car, but we cannot control the temperature inside the building, nor the weather at an outdoor event. It’s for this reason that it’s always best to bring your coat with you and, if needed, utilize the facility’s coat room instead of leaving it crumpled in the backseat of your car. Just slip it over your shoulders before the few steps you’ll take to the venue and you’ll be all set to go.

Your Phone

Some people are attached at their hips to their phones and could never dream of forgetting it, but others are a tad more scatterbrained, or choose to leave the device behind so as to not be bothered by work. However, when using a private event valet company (or doing anything for that matter), you should always have your phone on you in case of a family emergency. If you’re worried about your phone distracting you at your private event, consider apps that only permit certain numbers to call you for a given period of time.

Unparalleled Parking Will Help You Remember it All

We’re a St. Paul valet service with years of experience doing what we do; we know customer service is key. Our drivers are always happy to help you out and retrieve any forgotten items from your car. Should you hire us, you can rest easy and enjoy your event to its fullest. Give us a call today at 651-300-1515.