Fall is here! While right now the sun is still shining, and the leaves are practically glowing orange, it’s hard to ignore the nip in the air that reminds us of the one certainty of our capricious Minnesota climate: winter will come, and it will be unpleasant. However, if you find yourself locked out of your car in below-zero windchill, things can quickly take a turn from unpleasant to downright deadly.


Learn how to keep yourself safe this winter from Unparalleled Parking, a Minneapolis valet service.

First Things First: Call a Valet Lockout Services

You’ve done it. Your keys are sitting right there, right on your seat—but the door is locked, it’s fifty below zero, and there’s nobody around to bring you your spare key. Don’t panic: you always have options, and there’s always someone around who is willing to help.


If it’s safe to expose your hands for a few moments, pull out your phone and call Unparallelled Parking at 651-300-1515. Though we are a valet parking service, we also offer quick and efficient lockout services for anyone in the metro area.


Now that we’re on our way, however, it’s important to take steps to keep yourself safe from the elements.

Second: Get to Safety

Exposure to below-zero wind chills and wet snow quickly can become deadly. However, even with little resources, there are things you can do to keep yourself warm and frostbite at bay:


●        Retreat inside a lobby. Is there a gas station nearby? A hotel lobby? Retreat inside a heated place where you can still watch your vehicle. While it might make it difficult to connect with the transportation company that’s helping you, your safety is much more important.

●        Remove metal jewelry. If retreating inside is impossible, remove and pocket your metal jewelry, as it conducts cold. Pay special attention to your rings, as they can cause problems with your circulation (which exacerbates the effects of frostbite).

●        Use yourself for warmth. Curling your appendages into your coat will help conserve body heat. For example, if your gloves are in your car, push your hands back into your coat sleeves, or tuck them in your armpits.

For Prompt Valet Lockout Services, Contact Unparalleled Parking Now

No matter what time it is, call Unparalleled Parking, and you’ll always reach someone who can arrange for help. It doesn’t matter if you’re our client or not—our transportation company is happy to offer our services to anyone in need. Keep yourself safe from the winter chill and give us a call now at 651-300-1515.