Whether you’ve been considering hiring a valet parking service for a while now or are just starting to realize its benefits, there are a few things you need to know before investing in the services of any valet company. After all, valet parking is more than an ancillary service—it can revolutionize your business’s public reputation and become the primary driver behind your bottom line. Therefore, it’s important that you, as a wise business owner, consider a few factors before deciding if valet is right for you.


Unparalleled Parking, a Twin Cities valet company, has boiled down these factors into a list below.

Ask Yourself This: Is Customer Service a Priority For Your Business?

If it is, valet parking services can be a valuable asset to your business’s profit margins. It shows that your business truly cares about the comfort and well-being of all who walk through your doors. If your business only sees its customers as a line of numbers on a monthly budget—then, well, valet parking services might not be for you.


Aside from considering how you view your customers, what else should you ask yourself before hiring valet parking services?


●        Do you want higher profits? If your business is ready to expand, give its workers raises, or improve on your building’s decoration or infrastructure, valet parking services can give your business the monetary boost it needs to make these things happen.

●        Do you want to define your business’s vibe? Whether luxurious or down-home and relaxed, a valet parking service can further define the atmosphere and emotion that your establishment gives off. For classier businesses, valet drivers in sharp black tuxedos can set the bar high before your guests even walk through the doors. For more relaxed businesses, valet drivers in professional, yet casual, polo shirts help your guests feel at ease. Customizable valet parking services serve to show your guests what kind of service they can expect by setting the tone for their visit. If you’re okay with your business giving off a scattered, disunified vibe, then don’t hire a valet parking service.

●        Do you want to prevent parking-related accidents on your property? Hiring professional transportation services ensures that only skilled drivers navigate cars through the chaotic atmosphere that is your Minneapolis parking lot. If you’re okay with the possible fender bender happening on your property—and thus your involving yourself in the consequential legal ramifications—then don’t hire a valet parking service.

Ready to Hire a Valet Company? Consider Unparalleled Parking!

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