Driving and parking in Minneapolis can be frustrating, tedious, and at certain times dangerous. As a driver, you have means to operate your vehicle in a more relaxed and safe way. For instance, you can put winter tires on your car. Or you can listen to your favorite music while driving. Both of those circumstances utilize parts of the car that already exist. But what if you could add cool car accessories that would make your ride even more enjoyable or secure?


Top 5 Cool Car Accessories to Own in Minneapolis

Car accessories range from the silly to the practical, from a few dollars to several thousand. Which are the best? Read below to check the top 5 cool (and fairly inexpensive) car accessories for Minneapolis drivers!


1.      HD Dash Cam - Police have used dash cam systems for decades, but it’s a relatively new tech for the typical driver. By installing a dash cam, you can lower your insurance rates, record accidents for your protection, and even have a record of car damage or theft. In fact, some dash cams have a built-in shake system that turns the camera on if the car shakes, even if the car itself is off.

2.      Bluetooth Parked Car Finder - If you own a car and park in downtown Minneapolis, you know what it’s like to return to a parking structure and have no idea where your car is parked. Enter the bluetooth parked car finder. It’s a mechanism that plugs into your car lighter and sends out a signal when accessed through your phone. That way, your phone can lead you straight to your car!

3.      Head-Up Display Windshield Projector - A head-up display (HUD) projects your navigation system on your windshield in front of you. This eliminates the need to check your phone’s navigation or your GPS, which takes your eyes off the road. Thus, it’s designed to increase your driving safety!

4.      Temperature Controlled Seat Cushion - Even if you don’t own a pricy new car, you can still get the luxury of a temperature-controlled seat. Use this cushion to warm the chill from your bones during the tough Minneapolis winter or cool you in the heat of summer.

5.      Tablet Headrest Mount - Instead of purchasing expensive screens to mount in your car and entertain your kids, you can easily strap or hook on a headrest mount that will hold the tablet you already own!


Unparalleled Parking: A Luxurious, Safe Service

Safer driving and secure parking in one luxurious package? That’s the Unparalleled Parking guarantee. Like the cool car accessories named above, our drivers offer a better car experience whether you’re getting from point A to point B or simply visiting your favorite restaurant in the Twin Cities! Our previous clients agree.


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