The Intersection of Driving and Biking in Minneapolis

Biking in Minneapolis is a prominent method to navigate the city. It helps reduce traffic congestion, is better for the environment, and raises the health standard. But depending on where you live and work, biking in Minneapolis can be tricky. Some city streets are not yet bike friendly with designated bike lanes or paths. That means more direct interaction between bicyclists and motor vehicle drivers.


5 Tips for Drivers to Raise the Safety of Biking in Minneapolis

If you’ve ever biked in a city, you know how dangerous it can be. If not, you might’ve seen or heard of someone you know nearly getting into an accident. This is typically because drivers of motor vehicles aren’t expecting bicycles on the road. That’s why the best thing you can do as a driver is to consider that cyclists can be anywhere on the road at any time.


To help keep cyclists safe and encourage more biking in Minneapolis, utilize a few more of these driving tips:


1.      Always Yield - Bicycles often appear slower than they actually are, mostly due to our mindset that a car should be faster. However, it’s not uncommon for a bicycle to be traveling 20 mph. As you slow to turn left, yield to oncoming cyclists. As you slow to turn right, be sure to signal the turn far in advance to allow a cyclist the ability to slow down and avoid a collision.

2.      Give a 3 Foot Clearance - More than 20 states have passed a law requiring vehicles to allow cyclists a clearance of three feet. This gives flexibility to the small fluctuations in linear motion of both the car and the bike.

3.      Consistency - It’s always better for a cyclist that you pass at a consistent speed to avoid unnecessary tension or alarm. For the same reason, avoid honking or revving your engine while a cyclist rides alongside.

4.      Watch for Signals - Cyclists don’t have blinkers or brake lights to alert drivers of their intentions. However, they do often utilize hand signals, as they should. A cyclist might raise an arm to signal a turn. A straight arm indicates a turn in the direction of the arm. A squared arm (bent at the elbow) indicates a turn in the opposite direction. A closed fist can mean they are rapidly slowing down.

5.      Vigilance - Biking in Minneapolis is common. You are likely to cross paths with cyclists, even in areas you might not think they typically travel. Remember to check your blind spots and rear view mirrors for cyclists. If you just check with cars in mind, you might miss seeing them. In addition, remember to watch for cyclists when opening your car door on the road or backing up from a parking space.


Thank you for making biking in Minneapolis a little bit more safe!


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