A Company Holiday Party Boosts Morale

The holidays are approaching quickly, and there’s no better time to show your appreciation for employees and peers within your company. Whether you’re spreading the spirit of Thanksgiving, the joy of Christmas, the light of Hanukkah, or the hope of the new year, it’s bound to be a celebration that brings everyone in your company together. It gives them the opportunity to meet, mingle, and bond outside of the office.


8 Creative Ideas for a Company Holiday Party

The first step in making your company holiday party unforgettable is to gather together a dedicated group to generate ideas. But first gather some ideas of your own, perhaps including those outlined here. They will help you get the ideas flowing!


1.      Door Prizes - Door prizes not only inspire employees to show up to the party, they are also a way to give out larger Christmas gifts. It might not be possible to give a gift to everyone, depending on the size of your company and its resources.

2.      Games - The holidays focus on bringing family, friends, and those you care for all into one place. However, employees may not start off knowing each other well, if at all. They might work in different departments and have never even met. Games can transform this dynamic by encouraging strangers to join forces or socialize. You might have them fill in holiday song lyrics, speed decorate a Christmas tree, or answer trivia questions.

3.      Festive Food - It isn’t enough to provide a plethora of tasty treats. Your food choices should reflect the holidays in name and appearance as well. You might create name cards and/or food table centerpieces to catch the eye.

4.      Photo Booth - Photo opportunities don’t always present themselves between work peers. It’s great to give coworkers a chance to grab snapshots at your company holiday party. Whether your photo booth is a rented backdrop of Santa’s workshop or a simple sheet with holiday cutouts and props, the photo opportunity will be appreciated!

5.      Gift Exchange - A gift exchange is one of the most traditional and classic events at a company holiday party. It requires little preparation, aside from informing guests to bring a gift to exchange and setting a limit. It’s a way for employees to share their personalities, talents, and tastes.

6.      Entertainment - Never allow a dull moment during your company holiday party. Hire entertainment that will dazzle and delight but not overwhelm. A live band or DJ playing music delights the ear. A comedian, magician, or guest speaker can bring the crowd together if you want to send a company message or end on a bang.

7.      Dessert Buffet - Desserts are paramount to every company holiday party. But you could go a different route and ask guests to bring a platter of homemade treats. It saves on expenses and gets guests into the sharing holiday spirit.

8.      Charity - Another great ingredient for holiday spirit is giving. Consider adding a charity element to your company holiday party, from using a raffle fee as a donation or simply requesting optional donations from guests. Your company can make a difference in so many ways!


Completing Your Company Holiday Party

As you plan each little detail of the company holiday party, from theme to venue, don’t forget the entrance! In other words, who’s manning the front door of your event? What is the parking situation?


If you have limited parking, a need for transporting guests, or simply want guests to be greeted by a smiling face, partner with Unparalleled Parking. Our valet services can suit your every need. Call (651) 300-1515 to discuss your company holiday party or general valet needs!