How Fun Car Games Solve Road Trip Woes

Traffic can sometimes make you cringe. The price of filling up your gas tank can surprise you and put a dent in your wallet, especially for long road trips. And other drivers may frustrate you. But for many parents, the number one problem you face on long trips is keeping your brood of little ones content.


Many children get bored easily, particularly when confined to a small automobile and forced to watch the road pass by without video games or the internet. Even if you have a TV in your backseat, watching programs can get old and your kids may start to argue, cry, and complain. So how do you keep them entertained and out of your hair? Fun car games, of course!


5 Fun Car Games You Should Try

Fun car games have long been a tradition of family travels, whether it’s during the holidays or any other time of the year. They are creative, engaging, and free. Pass on your favorite fun car games to your kids, and try new ones, too! Start with this list of fun car games:


1.      I Spy - Preschoolers and kindergarteners love trying to find new sights out on the road. This game is a simple way to keep them focused on the world outside for hours at a time. You simply recite, “I spy with my little eye, something ___.” Fill in the blank with a color, shape, texture, or other adjective. Then have them guess. They will also enjoy creating their own clue!

2.      License Plate Game - For older kids who can read and have a longer attention span, you can introduce fun car games like the license plate game. In this game, each person must search for a license plate from every different state. Participants cannot claim the same vehicle. The one with the most states found is the winner.

3.      Car Bingo - This option from our fun car games list requires a little prep. Print out bingo cards with a different color, make, or combination car description in each box. For instance, a box might say “yellow Chevy” or a more simple “yellow truck.” Give pennies to each participant and have them place pennies as they spot vehicles. The first one with five pennies in a row wins!

4.      20 Questions - Tired of finding sights around you on the road and in the passing landscape? If your kids become bored of the fun car games above, give them an expanded version of the I Spy game. Choose one person to think of a person, place, thing, or idea. Everyone else must take turns asking questions to narrow down the possibilities to one finite guess. If it’s too much of a challenge, add more questions.

5.      Going on a Picnic - Lead your kids on an imagination picnic in which you can only bring items of a certain kind. For instance, you may secretly decide only to bring red items and foods. So you start by saying, “I’m going on a picnic and bringing an apple.” The next person must try to bring an item that you either accept or reject based on your secret parameters. This continues until someone guesses the picnic theme!


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