Minneapolis Venues with Valet Parking

Business establishments in the Twin Cities set themselves apart from the competition by offering an extra service to make guests feel appreciated. In many cases, valet parking acts as that extra service, setting up a positive atmosphere before customers ever reach the front door.


Valet parking can be utilized by hotels, restaurants, bars, event spaces, theaters, and a variety of other downtown hotspots. The luxury that is created won’t fade, even for return guests. If you’ve ever been a valet patron, you have experienced firsthand the hospitality and grandeur of the experience.


New to valet parking? Read on!


5 Benefits of Valet Parking

If you’re a business considering valet parking or an individual who has never experienced it, these are just a few of the benefits you can expect:


1.      Convenience - Running late? No problem! You can arrive at a venue, drop your keys into experienced hands, take a ticket, and get through the front door in a jiffy. The same is true on your way out. Where you might otherwise have to walk in darkness, searching for your car in a parking lot, all you have to do now is wait a few minutes as your car is brought directly to you. With the engine running and the temperature inside warmed in the winter or cooled in the summer, you can drive away with ease.

2.      Less Stress - No more driving around downtown Minneapolis hunting for a parking lot near your destination. No more circling the parking lots like a shark, waiting for someone to vacate a spot or fruitlessly searching for the one spot you may have missed the fourth time around. No more finding a parking space only to realize that the cars in adjacent spaces make it impossible for you to park your vehicle in the little remaining space. No more frustration. Instead, valet parking allows a person to drive directly to the venue, be received with a smile and enjoy their destination without stress.

3.      Security - Vehicles are safer when watched over by valet attendants. Standard parking leaves your car open to potential vandalism, theft, and accidental damage. Experienced drivers can safely navigate the roads and designated parking areas to ensure your vehicle returns in perfect condition.

4.      Traffic Flow - Events in downtown Minneapolis sometimes create quite the traffic jam. Everyone wants to be at the same concert, sports game, or bar all at one time. It can take hours just to move a few feet in these types of conditions. However, establishments like restaurants and hotels can ease the traffic flow in and around their building with the help of valet parking gurus and their equipment (cones, radios, etc.). It’ll help a business stay moving in busier traffic times, even normal rush hour. Valet parking also expands the capacity of a typical parking lot to serve more patrons.

5.      Pampering - Guests associate valet parking with an upscale image. It’s a treat to be treated well and to be doted on by valets who care to create a positive experience. The pampered feeling is further related by courteous, prompt attention and offering extras like car detailing. Everyone loves a clean car!


Your Partner for Valet Parking

If your facility would like to upgrade your service package and delight your guests, consider a partnership with Unparalleled Parking. Our quality valet parking service can be tailored to your specific needs, schedule, and the tone of your venue. Is there a particular greeting you’d like our valets to use? Or perhaps you think guests would appreciate car detailing. Unparalleled Parking can see to it that your preferences are upheld.


With the most experienced and sincere drivers in the business, Unparalleled Parking truly has no equal. Contact us today for a quote or service options.